Germany Bans Iran’s Press TV From Airwaves

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The government of Germany

has ordered the removal of the London based Press TV’s international English channel from their airwaves

in the latest wave of western governments moving to silence the viewpoints expressed by the channel.


the same nation’s that are banning Iranian TV

are supposedly the same freedom promoting democratic nations

that charge their enemies with violating human rights for oppressing the freedom of speech and freedom of press.

Yet at the same time these nations hypocritically step up attacks within their own borders against people and organizations

that openly express political discourse or report news that counters the official government narrative.

In the US journalists are being silenced by the NDAA to prevent them from reporting stories critical of the government narrative.

It is also no secret there is an attempt to manipulate and censor the social media

or that there is an ongoing propaganda campaign

that has been well entrenched into the psyche of the masses

that discredits any information found online that does not come from a corporate media news source.


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