Australian Continent Ravaged By Giant Spiders (fiction)

[ … I guess it’s too late to tell arachnophobic folks not to click on the link for this page ]

Most people really have no idea how quickly normal society is capable of breaking down ~ with anarchy ensuing.

The general estimate is about six to ten days,

should petrol or food supplies fail to reach the majority of a city’s population.

[ Put another way ~ you’re just twenty square meals and a power source away from living in ‘Mad Max’ times. ]

The author has actually put quite a bit of research into his story.

[ What’s more interesting about this creepily well-written sci-fi horror novel

than the giant spiders eating every Australian alive living on the red continent

~ are the steps that the local representatives of global big business go through

to cover their own financial ass

in the face of a perceived

and nationally geographically

– localised –

extinction level event.


Recommended. ]

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