US Engaged In Computer Based Cyber War Against The People Of Iran


The US-led economic war on Iran has been dangerously ratcheted up

with the launching of a powerful new computer virus targeting the nation’s nuclear research facilities

and other vital commercial sectors,

including the oil and banking industries.

Previously, the Iranian economy and scientific research centres have been hacked with the computer malware or virus known as Stuxnet.

That sabotage of Iranian facilities is widely believed to have been the work of American and Israeli military agencies.

Now an even more destructive virus appears to have been unleashed.

The so-called Flame malware is said by internet security experts to be 20 times more disruptive to computer systems than Stuxnet.

Compared with Stuxnet,

which inflicted serious Iranian technical damage nearly two years ago,

the latest malware can be seen as virtual weapon of mass destruction.

Again, American and closely collaborative Israeli military agencies

are believed to have launched the latest salvo of cyber missiles.


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