Nato Goes To War ~ Expecting Everyone To March Along

During their Chicago summit on 20th and 21st May 2012


[ being an evil pack of self-interested, mean-spirited pricks ]

celebrated the way they want to further extend their war alliance in the years to come:

not only by large scale incorporation of new member states and internationally unlawful instrumentalizations of organizations

such as UN and OSCE,

but also by means of joint military operations with non-member states including neutral states.

The US as the leading NATO power

is mainly interested in maintaining their ability to simultaneously wage wars in every corner of the earth


– being short of cash –

without spending money.

Quite possibly there will be not only more,

but also more devastating wars

as compared with the last 20 years.


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Calvin Harris ~ "LET'S GO"

Sun Jul 1 , 2012
[ Sure hope that this isn’t just an ad for the olympics or something … because it’s -great- ] CALVIN HARRIS “LET’S GO” – REMIX CUT from VINCENT HAYCOCK on Vimeo.

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