[ My friend calls these guys ‘Sad Pricks’ … me ~ I think they’re great ] [youtube]2kPON3WmdRw[/youtube] [youtube]JRKIb1Ppjpk[/youtube] [youtube]Ha_bppvZ0a8[/youtube]


I don’t need to look at the evidence.” “I wouldn’t believe it even if it WERE true.” “I refuse to believe that that many Americans could be that satanically treasonous. Someone would have talked.” “These are beliefs. They are not scientific facts. But, these beliefs do keep us from looking […]


Surface to air missiles will be mounted on the roofs of flats, helicopter gunships with snipers will hover over head, and there will be more British troops in the streets of London than in Afghanistan. Is Britain under attack? No, it is just the Olympic Games. [youtube]4TLkXFDDV7I[/youtube]


The Middle East is heating up. Using Libya as a template, hardcore Western destabilization has been slowly simmering Syria for the past 16 months. Demonization and destabilization of Iran has been an ongoing theme for decades. [youtube]PyF4I7Rnad8[/youtube] Many observers are now humoring the possibility that the globalist dreams of a […]

https://zen-haven.dk/google-vows-full-service-to-israeli-mossad/ Chief executives of the search engine, Google, vowed in a recent meeting with Israeli prime minister to render full service to the Mossad spy agency. “Investment in Israel was among the best decisions ever made by Google,” Google chief executive Eric Schmidt said during the meeting with Netanyahu. During […]