14 Reasons Why The Tyrants & Oligarchs Are In Danger Becoming Extinct By Their Own Hand

This old order of things is about to make itself extinct by its own hand.

How can I say these people will make themselves obsolete and irrelevant?

Do you remember when we use to go walking inside the indoor shopping malls?


One of my favorite places to go is the the record stores.

I would see Camelot Music, Musicland and Sam Goody.

They no longer exist anymore because of the internet.

People download individual songs and albums form cyberspace.

The Internet took away the middleman.

With the internet,

we can now buy songs and music from bands and artists that have no record labels

that now compete with the recording industry.

With the flow of information out on the internet.

History is starting to come to light.

People are starting to learn about suppressed technology

and how Robber Barons have used the force of government

to keep the Monopoly of power in place for many decades.


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