Washington’s Man in Tripoli Takes Over As Leader Of Libya’s New Puppet Government

Libya gives Washington another beachhead for greater African adventurism.
Sham elections installed him. The process was farcical. Illusion substituted for reality.
Obama called his ascension “another milestone in the country’s transition to democracy.”
EU leaders hailed “Libya’s first free elections.” They called them the “dawn of a new era.”
Scoundrel media acclaimed the end of the Gaddafi nightmare.
A democratic facade masks New World Order neoliberal fundamentalism.
Its holy trinity is eliminating public services, predatory capitalism writ large, and repression enforcing the message to non-believers.
Libya gives Washington another beachhead for greater African adventurism.
Unspeakable crimes of war and against humanity were committed establishing it.
Jabril’s now its main man. He got his marching orders. He’s expected to deliver.
Otherwise another pro-Western hack will replace him.
Freedom is nowhere in sight.
It’s true everywhere Washington runs things.
Inside the bubble, it’s paradise.
Outside it’s dystopian hell.
It features exploitation and denial of fundamental rights.
Everything Gaddafi gave is gone. The Libya that was no longer exists.
A blank slate replaced it.
Carving up its corpse for profit is policy.

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