Audit The Fed Threatens The Secrecy Of The Federal Reserve Bank


[ Not many people know that. ]


Senator Ron Paul,

author of the legislation called Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2012 (HR459)

that will subject Ben Bernanke and the


Federal Reserve Bank

to a monetary audit policy has seen much support from his peers on Capitol Hill.

The House of Representatives passed 327 – 98 on a vote last week which exceeded the necessary 2/3rd majority.


trying to deter the US Congress from digging into the private matters of the Fed,

told House lawmakers

that this legislation would allow a “nightmare scenario” of political meddling in monetary policy making.

How pretentious of this head of the global Elite banking cartel

to say that American representatives would be fumbling idiots

meandering about in the matters of private shareholders

being forced to disclose their agendas

regarding our money system.


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