Iceland Was Right ~ We Were Wrong : The IMF

VANCOUVER  ~ For approximately three years, our governments, the banking cabal, and the Corporate Media

have assured us that they knew the appropriate approach for fixing the economies

that they had previously crippled with their own mismanagement.

We were told that the key was to stomp on the Little People with “austerity”

in order to continue making full interest payments to the Bond Parasites – at any/all costs.

Following three years of this continuous, uninterrupted failure,

Greece has already defaulted on 75% of its debts, and its economy is totally destroyed.

The UK, Spain and Italy are all plummeting downward in suicide-spirals,

where the more austerity these sadistic governments inflict upon their own people the worse their debt/deficit problems get.

Ireland and Portugal are nearly in the same position.

Now in what may be the greatest economic “mea culpa” in history,

we have the media admitting that this government/banking/propaganda-machine troika has been wrong all along.

They have been forced to acknowledge that Iceland’s approach to economic triage

was the correct approach right from the beginning.

[ So you see that it’s really not that hard to sit down and figure it all out  – once you read it over and over to yourself a few times ]


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