Canada Preps For War With Iran ~ Displaying Its Ignorant & Malevolent Foreign Policy


John Baird, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, today announced Canada’s position on Iran,

indicating it was shutting down its embassy at the same time expelling all Iranian diplomats.

His “talking point”

– as all conservatives have – concerned the safety of the embassy staff in Tehran.

He returned to this argument several times;

however, what truly underlies the Canadian regimes’ position

is its inbred Islamaphobia and its sycophantic “wannabe” pretence of being a world power.

Canada is highly aligned with both the United Kingdom and the United States,

the latter in particular

as the Canadian regime is enamoured of U.S. militarized culture,

and the vast majority of Canadian culture and news

is influenced or delivered

under U.S. influence.


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