Chris Hedges, a former New York Times reporter, has become perhaps the foremost media scribe and most prolific advocate of a need for revolutionary change in our current institutional oppression and control of the government by the oligarchical and political elite. Hedges writes with a reporter’s detail, a prophet’s eloquence […]

Despite the completely inoffensive nature of the application, Apple has repeatedly refused to allow an app tracking U.S. drone strikes by claiming that the content is “objectionable and crude.” In reality, it is not the app that is “objectionable and crude,” instead it is the program itself which is both […]

While it’s quite true that its global news service is really and absolutely nothing but Giant Pro-War Dross Bollocks it’s also true that the BBC can – like its documentaries – occasionally pinch out dramas that are of an unparalleled worldwide standard. These are some such dramas. “House of Cards”, […]

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