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Office of Medical and Scientific Justice.

Chemical Warfare: Manhattan Family Shattered By Murder Of Two Children At Hands of Medicated Nanny

 Hands shaking as I type this. Nausea. Two children were stabbed to death by their nanny right here in my neighborhood. Of course it was followed by a suicide attempt, in this case not successful. I know why. So do the executives at Eli Lilly, and all the other pharmaceutical companies that have paid millions to have the truth about their serotonin inhibitors (SSRIs) repressed, keep the media in the dark, keep everybody in the dark.

It’s not a story about an evil nanny, resentful of her employer’s wealth. It’s got nothing to do with “evil” as it’s been cast before you in this cheap media theater that refuses to investigate data that has been before them since the 1980s. It’s not God’s work, it’s not anything you would find under the natural sun, it’s nothing to do with human emotions or responses. It’s chemicals interacting with brain chemistry.

A small percentage of people who are placed on SSRIs (Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc) experience “akasthisia” which is a condition of electrical overload triggering extreme, sudden, unpredictable violence, usually homicide/suicide, sometimes only suicide. It is a situation in which a chemical reaction eclipses all free ill, all choice, all control. It often involves knives, slashing–it often involves violence against those most beloved. The person “committing” it is also a victim–a Manchurian Candidate, whose fateful error was believing their doctor that a prescription could alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety. In most people, this won’t happen. But in some people, it does.

Read this site.  It may be the most important database in the United States. 4,800 cases of murder, suicide, arson and other “inexplicable” acts of violence bursting suddenly from people previously perceived as peaceful. The keepers of the site are heroes. This is what they do: Collect the evidence and put it out there.

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Here is a Pdf white paper produced by Plos medicine which says that most Clinical Trials are false ..  ClinicalTrials

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