Fluorosilicic Acid ~ In ONE Paragraph …

“Fluorosilicic Acid…
is an aqueous solution…
used for the Fluoridation of drinking water…
Fluorosilicic Acid is the most widely used fluoridation agent in Australia,
and has several advantages over powdered fluoridation products,
including the elimination of manual handling, dust control, and slurrification.[1] 
Fluorosilicic acid is aparticularly aggressive and hazardous chemical and requires specific operator training and awareness.[2]
Fluorosilicic acid is classified as a Schedule 7 (S7) Poison using the criteria in the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons (SUSDP).[3]
Schedule 7 (S7) drugs and poisons are substances and preparations that have high to extremely high toxicity;
can cause death or severe injury at low exposures; require special precautions in their manufacture, handling, or use;
may require special regulations restricting their availability, possession or use;
and are too hazardous for domestic use, or use by untrained persons.”[4]
SO, let me get this straight…
The guy who wants this highly corrosive toxic S7 poison acid removed from the drinking water supply of babies, kidney patients, the elderly, and so on, is a “fringe” nut job, whose views pose a “risk [to the] the health of the public”[5-6]; whilst those who insist oncontinuing to forcibly inject this highly corrosive toxic S7 poison acid
 into public water supplies,
are hailed as “leading doctors,” “authorities,” “health officials,” and the like.[7]
All makes perfect sense to me!
 – Jon Eisen
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