They Shoot Children, Don’t They ?


[ Sure looks that way …

– and it’s not just in America

 … Norway …  Palestine …

… … other bits of rock that poke out up out of our ocean … ]

There’s no way an irate parent goes around shooting children,

whatever cockamamie story line they come up with.

I don’t care what they say.

Something’s amiss

and it’s almost always mind control that’s involved.

Legislation and / or executive orders banning guns are just waiting to be signed,

so just watch the furor over this horrific school shooting in Connecticut

get whipped into a frenzy and unilateral call for gun control.

They’ve been building their case for this a long time,

and clearly stepped it up with these staged shootings over recent months.

Notice how they always pull stuff around Christmas every year

for maximum emotional effect.

There will be more,

you can be sure.

Usually a false flag phony terror plot “discovered” by the FBI.

But this year

they may just let one fly …


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