Sacred Shareholders Have Shat Again!


Sacred Shareholder

I have to wonder how much longer this fraudulent scam must go on .. the government of the day and in exchange for a backhander sells off at bargain basement prices essential public utilities to shadowy figures who then proceed to give everyone a right royal screwing and continue to do so.

All of those utilities were built and paid for by their rightful owners the New Zealand Taxpayer .. Telecom .. the railways .. the power .. water. Any nation that places its essential utilities into private ownership and at the kind of price they are sold for are either stupid, or they are criminals.

Essential services which we must all use .. the shareholder abuse has already cost lives .. lives that could not afford to pay the shareholders impost.  There is only one way to stem this tide of greed and that is to Nationalise essential services .. because one thing is for sure .. if a greedy group of individuals can make and ship the profits out of New Zealand then there is no reason why a State owned company cannot be humanely profitable for the benefit of the rest of the economy.


Lid blown on power price rort
By Cherie Howie , Susan Edmunds

It’s the great Kiwi power rort, and a university researcher is about to expose all in a new book.

His research shows New Zealand power prices have surged at twice the rate of nearly every other developed country over the past 30 years.

Victoria University researcher Geoff Bertram says that means our power prices are now more than twice what they were 30 years ago, in real terms.

Residential customers were the hardest hit. “It’s open season to screw anyone who can’t fight back,” Bertram says.



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