Ben Affleck Could Be Hanged For War Crimes : US Intelligence Expert

Well-known French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre has met with Iranian officials

planning a lawsuit

against the makers and distributors of the controversial film


Mohammad Lesani, General Secretary of Monday’s Hoax of Hollywood conference in Tehran, announced,

“Argo is made by three film-producing companies in Hollywood…

the Islamic Republic of Iran is going to sue all those who have been active in the anti-Iran domain,

including directors and producers.”

If the makers of Argo are deposed under oath,

they may be forced to reveal that their film ‘

— like the fictitious film-within-the-film —

is a covert operation

disguised as a movie.

One of America’s leading experts on covert operations believes that Argo

is the propaganda project of an intelligence agency or agencies,

and that its purpose

is to convince the American people to go along with Israel’s plan

to drag America into a war on Iran.

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