Fluoride Voted Out In Hamilton, New Zealand


hamiltonIn a overwhelming vote majority of 7 to 1 Fluoride was voted out in the city of Hamilton.

After a grueling 3 day hearing today at 10:15 am the council of Hamilton voted for common sense and the overwhelming evidence against the use of mass “medication” through the water supply and on June 21 2013 the tap will be closed on Fluoride. (Mind boggles as to why we have wait another two weeks but there you have it)

From my heart a big thank you to the people who spend their time, energy and emotional well being on fighting for this cause and may the example set by Hamilton be followed by other cities throughout New Zealand and the world!!!!


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2 thoughts on “Fluoride Voted Out In Hamilton, New Zealand

  1. Yes! Excellent news Scott. Always been proud to have Christchurch water free of Sodium Flouride, great to see Hamilton joining the club.

  2. Portland’s Fluoride Journey & Victory

    Video :


    From pleading with City Council to Portlanders fighting to get a public vote, to gathering enough signatures to get it on the ballot, to their victory over Water Fluoridation.

    Their victory was only possible because of a wonderful community of people coming together, from different parties, different backgrounds, different reasons, but one goal. Each playing their unique part in this victory.

    Together we can find real solutions in our community and keep working to have integrity for humanity, for our water, for our food, for our rights.

    Giving thanks to Clean Water Portland, volunteers and supporters for their work in keeping water fluoridation chemicals out of Portland’s water and bringing attention to this outdated questionable practice.

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