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  1. So now I’m back on broadband and have watched the statemement analysis, and read the Abovetopsecret thread. Mrs. Roesterberg’s story not quite so convincing anymore is it? Besides the inconsistencies in retelling the story, it turns out she was a self-proclaimed psychic who had three publicised UFO sightings. Her sons will not discuss the alleged “Nordic” encounter. In the early 50’s it was not uncommon to find “psychic housewives” due to the popularity of the Theosophical Society, and the “Great White Brotherhood” and “Ascended Masters” of theosophy mesh quite nicely with George Adamski’s “Venusian Space Brothers”. Adamski was hot news in the early 50’s, so it all fits together.
    Maybe Mrs. Roesterberg really did see something hovering above her house, and maybe she projected her own desires and expectations onto it? She certainly doesn’t seem to have made any financial gain out of the tale.
    Like I said, it’s a “deadend” story. Only Jessie Roesterberg knows the truth..and she ain’t telling…

    The Jessie Roesterberg interview seems to have gone Viral, it’s everywhere!
    As far as I can ascertain, her sons have never come forward to back up their mother’s story, despite being primary witnesses. In fact it would seem they have actually declined to discuss the case at all.
    Since there is no physical evidence and no secondary witnesses (to the best of my knowledge, this remains an intriguing but “deadend” case from the annals of UFOlogy.
    The biggest question I have is, WHY NOW? Why has this old case been dusted off, promoted in a sensationalist way that is quite misleading (far from being “banned” it is a well known, well-publicised case in the UK). Yes, the lady seems very sincere, I’m inclined to say she is probably relating a real experience, but that’s entirely subjective.
    Why is this old, single-witness, no photo, no landing traces, no physical evidence Close Encounter case being ‘pushed’? Perhaps because the description of the craft and occupants fits someone’s agenda?
    Are “short Greys” becoming boring/cliched, or presenting too hostile an image? Time therefore to resurrect the benign “Nordic” space brothers & sisters, here to save us all from ourselves?
    I would not be at all surprised to find a ‘wave’ of Nordic Alien reports coming forth in the wake of this “viral” youtube clip!

  3. Here’s another one. Might be the same clip under a different post if so then I apologise for repetition. Oh, the woes of stumbling along on daillup speed!

  4. Citizen, are you kidding me? Billy Meier? Sorry, I have to strongly disagree with you on that one!
    He does deserve to be congratulated as an outstanding con-artist though. Meier’s EVIDENCE consists of model saucers flown around his home-grown bonsai trees. Ever seen a “Lord of the Rings” where they make actors look smaller than they really are by using a combination of scale and full-size sets and careful use of camera angles? It’s called Forced Perspective. Why doesn’t Meier give us a good bit of movie footage showing Semjase emerging from a landed saucer? As for the Pleides star cluster, see my previous comments.

  5. I like her as a witness. To be honest it sounds like she was abducted.

    The best UFO EIVIDENCE I have ever seen is from Billy Meier.

  6. Here’s the culprit of the sensational “banned” claims:
    The comments about Plaedians and so on complete the picture nicely.
    The Pleides star cluster is a group of very “youthful” stars that would “cook” any life attempting to develop there, too much intense radiation.
    So I think we can safely say this lady didn’t see “Plaeidians”
    So here’s a hypothesis to think about while I try to unearth some facts: This saucer made a hell of a racket according to the witnesses, hardly a silent “antigrav” drive then. More like a turbine-powered device. Like Project Silverbug? And the “aliens”? Listen how clearly this woman describes them. How clearly can you see the pilot through the window of a helicopter, even hovering at close range? Not very.
    What if you equipped a Silverbug saucer with a display screen “window” across the front depicting Nordic Aliens? Then you pick a secluded rural environment and test the reactions of the locals. How well did this Blue Beam test work? What do you think?

  7. My first comment is regarding the Youtube clip itself. This was NOT banned from Tv in the UK in the 70s. Nor the 80’s or any other era! I saw it screened on 2 documentaries and repeated at least once. The interview is very familiar to me. Shame on the person who claimed it was “banned” for trying to sensationalise this case!

  8. I remember this lady well, I was living in the UK back in the 70’s when this interview was first aired, and even my down-to-earth, skeptical Dad was impressed. She was very forthright and had an air of honesty. Yet the aliens she described seem so “contactee-like”. Did this lady have a real encounter with humanoid aliens? Was she making this up? Did she she someone or something masquerading as aliens?
    OK. A challenge. I’ll see what I can unearth on the background of this old classic case…..

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