UNCENSORED UK Publisher and world-renowned political wisdom author and lecturer Ian R Crane has been traveling the length and breadth of the UK speaking out against this highly dangerous and ecologically destructive oil industry practice. Fracking contaminates ground water, surface vegetation and even the air itself. Watch him now, and take action before it’s too late for your community or country. – Jon Eisen



  1. Regarding Fracking, it is not so much about having faith in the councils. It is about supporting and having faith in the people. A small town in upper Northeast US got together and stopped fracking in their area. They had to fight the council and they won. I found out about this on the Breaking the Set TV show (Sky – channel 92) on RT.COM and I can not find the link to that particular show. It was just a small part of one of her half hour shows.



  2. Wish I had the same belief and faith in NZ councils as you, Martin Harris. Your reference to Christchurch council being opposed to ‘fracking’ is the FIRST hope I have heard, since I realised this horror had arrived in my Bay. Hastings District Council, Napier City Council,HB Regional Council, Tararua District Council , Horizons Regional Council, and Gisborne Council have all given the go ahead for OIL&GA$ exploration, knowing full well that the only way to extract the bounty(gas I am told) is with the use of Hydraulic Fracturing. When questioned, these councils have a simple defence that ‘as yet , no consent applications for hydraulic fracturing have been applied for’ . Another pathetic defence statement councils on the East Coast are using is ‘…it’s ONLY exploration’…meantime exploration permits have already been SOLD to various Oil&Ga$ companies. Living here in Hawkes Bay I don’t consider the creation of ADDITIONAL earthquakes by fracking is the major issue. The fact that we are ALREADY very seismically active should have exempted us from the initial consideration. I feel our most urgent concern is the contamination of our ground water, by any potential industry mishap. Both Hastings and Napier cities are entirely dependent on the Heretaunga Aquifer for their drinking water. Oil&Ga$ companies intend to drill through the SOURCE of this aquifer!! All authorities concerned agree there is a risk to the aquifer……but they all agree ” The RISK is worth the PROJECTED WEALTH”
    I have not the words to describe the GREEDY TIMES I am living in.

  3. Looks like things are pretty heated in Balcom, England, where local villagers opposing fracking are clashing with “celebrity” and high-profile hard-core activists, who they feel have hijacked the whole scenario.
    I guess the locals wanted to keep things relatively civil and low key, while the visitors have attracted a good deal of police and media attention.
    A difficult situation, as both factions believe they are ‘doing the right thing’. Let’s hope they don’t lose focus, the Frackin’ frackers will be laughing their heads off if this descends into a scrap between factions.

  4. Our main concern here in NZ is that fracking causes earthquakes (and that’s scientifically proven, by the way). We are lucky enough that most city councils here, including Christchurch, have voiced their opposition and declared their city a “frack-free zone”
    The “Frack free Canterbury” sticker on my car attests to my strong opposition to this greedy, reckless mining practice.
    Good on you Ian R. and Jon Eisen.

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