2 thoughts on “9/11 In The Academic Community ~ Documentary Trailer

  1. ” 9/11 was an esoteric battle in a war for control of the global financial system. ” ALAN WATT

    9/11 – that set up event brought in a totalitarian state where our rights (world citizens rights) were intentionally taken away and our sovereignty damaged and the propaganda machine went into full swing.
    Secret society network of families working with bankers, corporations and governments and setting up 9/11 to continue the destruction of countries; justify war and mass murder; destabilize the population.
    Create the crisis; the chaos; create the war and then come in and change laws and continue their sick agenda towards world economic domination.

    Big system (CFR etc.) that wants to run the world and creates chaos and it is mostly based in London and its birth place is The Tavistock Institute.

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