Israel Approves Nearly 1,200 New Settlement Homes


Israel’s housing minister on Sunday gave final approval for building nearly 1,200 new settlement apartments on lands the Palestinians want for their state, just three days before U.S.-sponsored talks on the borders of such a state are to begin in Jerusalem.

Israel has absolutely no interest in peace, only territory, and by any means necessary.


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3 thoughts on “Israel Approves Nearly 1,200 New Settlement Homes

  1. Not much has changed since ‘Old-Testament’ biblical times huh? Israel still believes they are “Gods chosen people” and the “Promised Land” is therefore theirs. Everyone else are simply ‘Goyim’.
    Apologies to moderate Israelis and persons of Jewish faith, it’s the fundy-extremists I’m talking about, as well as those that manipulate them.

    1. And the world just watches as this tiny state, starts to carve out rules for the entire Middle East, Has the biggest weapon arsenal that has never been inspected, controls Washington, Attacks whoever it wants, including unarmed people taking food and aid to Palestine, steal the land off the rightful owners and the World just watches….

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