Petition: Respect the United Nations leadership in Syria


do_generic_1Nato and Australia and New Zealand Governments: We call on you to: Respect the United Nations leadership in Syria

Why this is important

This conflict needs to be resolved peacefully under United Nations guidance, the rule of law. We need to learn from Iraq the mistake of subverting the United Nations authority. The perpetrators of the Syrian chemical weapons attack in August 2013 could have been either side.
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2 thoughts on “Petition: Respect the United Nations leadership in Syria

  1. We need to get real about the UN. They appear to be such do gooders and they do some good but it is mostly a front as they are the EMBRYO for the global governance system. The UN started in San Francisco in 1945 and the public are excluded from most of their meetings. The UN and their binding treaties are giving away peoples sovereignty all over the world. Too many are unaware of the UNs real agenda and I do not care whether Helen works for them or not. They work with the world bank and the CFR and the G20 and the G8 and they all work together towards a world government and one world bank = GLOBALISM. So please stop thinking that the UN is going to help and save things because they are not. They are about controlling the masses for the wealth building folk at the top – greedy psychotic corporate pigs and criminal bankers etc.

  2. Why does the U.N. exist if countries are going to ignore their advice on serious issues? Please listen to them and dont go to war!

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