Iraq & 911 In Minutes


[ Analysis from researcher and filmmaker Ry Dawson ]

The War on Terror is in reality a War on Israel’s Enemies.

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2 thoughts on “Iraq & 911 In Minutes

  1. “It is hard to believe so many millions of us are scared to say the truth ”

    Telling people to ‘watch your back for speaking out’

    probably doesn’t help that very much.


    The biggest factors riding in the favor of those inhuman shits that pulled this war crime off 12 years ago

    are :

    a) most people have no personal emotional interest in knowing anything further about the events of that day

    because what happened on Sept 11 2001 on the Eastern seaboard of the continental US

    traumatized the living hell out of the people who were there and survived it

    – as well as those who witnessed the mass murder of 3,000 people live on television.

    Most people don’t even want to think about it

    let alone talk about it

    – especially if the discourse leads them away from the more comfortable idea

    that Arabs did it – because they ‘hate our freedom’.

    b) there has been over the last 12 years a concerted ( and really quite soulless ) PR effort

    to color any discourse on 9/11 with the smear term : ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

    This term has probably done more damage than any other

    – to the honest and open scientific inquiry that is happening over the events of that day

    These events are still available to people – encased in the global video record

    that exists both in digital form in private hands

    as well as on the internet.

    In addition to the ongoing utilization of text-based suppression techniques

    ( look it up on wiki )

    which involves a constant 24/7 all year online presence of sustained ridicule and abuse

    this concerted PR effort

    also employs the use of ridiculous-looking red herring disinformation

    such as ‘pods’, ‘no planes / holograms’, ‘space beams’ and yes – even ‘Aliens’

    injected into the online 9/11 discourse

    in an attempt to attach these ideas

    in the eyes of the public

    to any research that disputes the official version of events.

    This concerted PR effort – is carried out by the employees of people

    who would much rather any online discourse about 9/11 didn’t continue.

    These people are only men sitting in rooms

    who are desperately hoping that you will ‘move on’ and continue to accept and believe

    the story that has been fed to you – about what happened on 9/11.

    9/11 is and has been used by western factions

    as a justification for an aggressive bid for regional dominance over South West Asia

    which – by it’s geographical location

    is key to the successful extraction of the resources of Africa

    and key to the geopolitical encirclement of the people making up China and Russia

    who reside on the continent of Asia.

    The downside of this ‘plan’ of theirs

    is that it has actively destroyed the lives of millions of human beings over the last decade or so.

    If some / most people really do want this idiot war on terror to stop

    then they have to stop waiting for someone else to do this for them

    and do something about it themselves.

    If 9/11 as a false-flag lie – becomes the consensus reality

    for the people of this planet that all of us are standing on

    then the war on terror will lose it’s bloodied teeth.

    Researching the event ( if you care to ) and making up your own mind about what happened

    is the best first step.

    And because those ‘people’ who did this

    are relying on most staying uninformed over 9/11

    ‘speaking out’ is probably a good second step.

  2. Excellent research and all totally true.
    I have done the research as well and know your telling the truth, but watch your back for speaking out.
    It is hard to believe so many millions of us are scared to say the truth because of the grip this little tiny state has on the world.

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