TPPA ~ It’s Not Right



Had enough of the secrecy of the TPPA negotiations?
So have a number of prominent Kiwi actors, musicians and commentators.
They have made a video that airs on TVNZ Breakfast and TV3 Firstline on Tuesday 1 October
calling for the government to release the TPPA text –
and urging you to sign the petition to the PM now.
View the video and sign the petition on
Let’s make it snowball.
Text, tweet, email, facebook to at least five of your friends and get them to pass it on …

Together we can force the TPPA out into the daylight.

One thought on “TPPA ~ It’s Not Right

    JESSICA DESVARIEUX, TRNN PRODUCER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Jessica Desvarieux in Baltimore
    Leaders of 12 countries considering an extensive trade pact will meet in Indonesia next week for negotiations. The Trans-Pacific Partnership would be the largest U.S. free trade agreement in history, covering 60 percent of the global economy.
    Now joining us in-studio to discuss all this is Kevin Zeese.
    Kevin, you’re a lawyer, activist, and codirector of Thanks so much for being with us.
    DESVARIEUX: So, Kevin, first of all, you’ve written extensively about this, and you say that there’s nothing about this pact that has to do with freedom or trade. Can you explain that?
    ZEESE: Well, free trade is pretty much their marketing term for this. What the reality is is rigged, a rigged agreement for the largest transnational corporations in the world. And they’ll dominate these countries in Asia. Vietnam, Peru, Malaysia, all these countries will be dominated by JPMorgan, Halliburton. You know, all the big U.S. companies, Monsanto, will dominate their economies, because what this does is rig the economy for them………………………”

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