4 thoughts on “The Dangers Of An All-powerful Federal Reserve (infographic)

  1. We are at the beginning of Hive Mind.
    That’s why everyone who hears it, feels it, knows it needs to get out of their mind – its too much for some.
    The Army is a living breathing example of Hive Mind. They go because they are told they are needed.
    The suicide rate among returning “heroes” is alarming. They come home and they are not heroes, they are told that what they did was for corporations – money- self interest. How would you live with that?

    I wonder where the ancestors of Francis Drake have moved to…could it be the TPPA?
    There is nothing to fear with collective conciousness..we have seen it at work with the non- invasion of Syria. The key is knowing how to be and steer within the hive mind.
    I believe many great goods can be achieved.

  2. Government shutdown? Duh, we could run government with debt-free money.

    The 1% leaders of US government, finance/banking, and media

    are asset-hole lying sacks of spin

    because none inform the 99% of obvious solutions:


    government directly paying for all public goods and services with debt-free money created by government.

    Read the rest here

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