Jumping from Insanity to Insanity Jumping from Roundup to another round for 2 4-4D


To combat the Superweeds that very quickly became resistant to Monsanto’s herbicide  Roundup, the US Department of Agriculture is about to approve Dow’s 2 4-D resistant seed, meaning agricultural fields’ will be permitted to be laced with 2 4-D, maybe even in combination with other herbicides – making an unthinkably dangerous chemical soup.   – destined to produce yet other and more resistant and persistent SUPERweeds – while poisoning the environment, the drinking water and the food..
The birth defect and cancer legacy of using  Agent Orange in Vietnam should have burned into our brains the lethality of this compound.  The people there are still reaping the birth defects and cancer consequences, decades later.

The Department of Agriculture and the FDA seem to jump from one act of insanity to the next – each one worse than the previous one.  How many more toxic and hormone disruptive “government food policies” can the biological system survive, and how exponential will be the cost of the ensuing, bankrupting health costs?

Far from “protecting” the safety of the food supply (which is their mandate), these two agencies seem determined to perpetually promote food policies that are guaranteed to “slow-kill” the population.  Unequivocally, there is no doubt that this is the end-effect of these agricultural policies that endorse killer chemicals.

Only someone completely insane and deranged would consider approving a policy that would result in the lacing of the environment with 2, 4-D  –  an indescribably toxic and dangerous chemical –  one that should be banned permanently instead of being allowed to be sprayed on food-producing agricultural lands.

And what will be the USDA approved next, when, predictably, even more resilient NEW Superweeds become resistant to 2 4-D?   One fears to contemplate the next governmental insanity.  They seem to insist on travelling further down this road to hell, dumping the sacrificial lambs at the foot of the Corporate altar.

And Canada, committed to harmonization under Free Trade Agreements, can soon expect the same endorsement !!!  Will someone please protect us from insane “protectors”?


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