Israeli Officials Face War Crimes Charges In Supreme Court



For the first time in history

the Israeli Supreme Court will hear evidence next week

against officials who are accused of committing war crimes in Lebenon and Gaza.

The charges against senior Israeli political and military officials,

including Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert & his Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni

among others,

will call into question the attack on Lebanon in summer 2006,


Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in late 2008,


and an attack on a humanitarian aid flotilla in May 2010,


according to Al Jazeera.

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9 thoughts on “Israeli Officials Face War Crimes Charges In Supreme Court

  1. Don’t forget 2 of these men were shot to death from the helicopters before the terrorists had even boarded the Mavi Marama

    As a consequence nine passengers were killed. Turkish autopsy reports
    concluded that five of the deceased were shot in the head at close range. The Turkish
    Commission describes those killed as follows:
    – Furkan Doğan received five gunshot wounds in the back of his head, nose, left leg, left ankle
    and in the back, all from close range. A citizen of the United States, Mr. Doğan was a 19-
    year-old high school student with ambitions of becoming a medical doctor. Mr. Doğan’s
    motionless, wounded body was kicked and shot upon, execution-style by two Israeli soldiers.
    ‐ Cengiz Akyüz received four gunshot wounds, in the back of his head, right side of his face,
    the back and the left leg. Mr. Akyüz was married and a 41-year-old father of three.
    ‐ Ali Haydar Bengi received a total of six gunshot wounds, in the left side of his chest, belly,
    right arm, right leg and twice in the left hand. Mr. Bengi was married, a 39-year-old father of
    ‐ İbrahim Bilgen received four gunshot wounds, in the right temple, right chest, right hip and
    back. Mr. Bilgen was married, 61-year-old father of six, who worked as an electrical
    ‐ Cevdet Kılıçlar, a photographer, was killed by a single distant shot to the middle of the
    forehead. He was shot most probably with a laser-pointer rifle. Mr. Kılıçlar was married, 38-
    year-old father of two.
    ‐ Cengiz Songür was killed by a single gunshot wound in the front of the neck. He was a 47-
    year-old textile worker, married and the father of seven.
    ‐ Necdet Yıldırim received two gunshot wounds in the right shoulder and left back. He was 32-
    years-old, married, father of one.
    ‐ Çetin Topçuoğlu was killed by three gunshot wounds in the back of the head, the hip and the
    belly. He was 54-years old, married and a father of one.
    ‐ Fahri Yaldız was killed by four gunshot wounds: left chest, left leg and twice in the right leg.
    He was 43 years-old, married and father of four, and worked as a fire-fighter.

    IDF personnel deliberately prevented
    passengers from providing first aid to the injured despite repeated requests.

  2. ahhh yes …and then there was poor Mr General Major Doron Almog the Butcher of Rafah
    “In the past extremist Palestinian organisations have tried to manipulate legal processes in Europe for their own cynical ends. We have no faith in these groups but we have a lot of faith in the British legal system.” which wanted to zap him for terrorism, but being a brave Lion of Zion he decided he loved the ElAl airplane food so much he would just stay put and go home…lol

  3. I can’t seem to post comments using firefox. So trying a different browser.

    An Israeli official faced War Crimes charges here in NZ back in 2006. One General Moshe Ya’alon, a former Israeli Defence Force chief of staff and head of intelligence, known as the Butcher of Qana.

    Warrants for his arrest had been issued by a NZ judge and NZ was obliged under international law to pursue the matter. A certain Mr Cullen, then attorney-general, quashed the warrant. Now that’s an example of a judicial system with real integrity. No political interference there.

    The original article had a lovely pic of the murderer

    1. Michael Cullen also the deputy prime minister at the time.

      Have a look at the reserve powers of the Governor-General of New Zealand, a real eye opener. Membership of the United Nations is only open to sovereign states, yet we still have a seat.

  4. o My Fucking God …massively armed Israeli soldiers arresting 5 year old Palestinian child, (in Palestine!! ) to protect him from violent rock throwing psychotic Zionist settlers…who in Hebron (al Khaheil) are the mostest mean rasict fuckers on the planet…except their mates up by Nablus.

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