Canada is officially testing driverless cars on public streets In Brief The first test of a self-driving car has taken place in Canada last week. This is a historic step-forward for driverless cars in the country and it signals progress for autonomous car progress around the world. Oh Canada Canada […]

The mind game designed to produce losers Separating logic from propaganda. Separating illusion from reality. An individual has the capacity to think independently. A group does not have that capacity. ‘Vegas Massacre’ just one of a million examples… by Jon Rappoport October 18, 2017 “My friends, here is the game. […] President Xi Jinping hailed a “new era” for China in his speech at a pivotal Communist Party meeting yesterday (Oct. 18), an event that also effectively marks the start of his next five years in power (at least). He actually hailed it no less than 36 times in the […]

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