Hide The Girls, by G Squared

Anti-Abortionists are acting to protect The Rights of the child unable to represent itself. It is not the illusion of woman making choices concerning their bodies. It is not THEIR bodies that are at issue. But this is the level of their ignorance and arrogance.
And then we had the problem in Ireland where Catholic unwed girls would have their children in a Catholic convent orphanage. To hide the great shame and sin.
Having been well schooled in the teachings of the great moron; The Great St. Augustine. the nuns would know of the grand fiction of Original Sin. As well as the catechismal and doctrinal illusions of Limbo and Purgatory. Without stressing their tiny minds concerning the commercial aspects of; Indulgences and Dispensations. And tomorrow morning’s Confession and Absolution after the illusion of Penance.
The same crime shop that gave you The Great Renaissance of Paedophilia. The true lives of St.John Bosco and St. Dominic Savio, is a must study.
The nuns threw the infants into a septic tank to drown. The remains of over 700 were found in one tank. One was a child over 6 years of age. That Original Sin certainly lingered. A big pit, and a big crime.
Just a little Religious Fundamentalism perhaps. What a wonderful show of Christianity those Inquisitions were. The Schism was great. And The Galileo Affair. It takes a bit to top that one.
The Pope is Infallible you know. Even when there are as many as five at a time. Some in The Vatican, and others in Avignon. And then not knowing who is a girl. Just as well they thought of The Sedia Stercoraria. One can’t be too careful, when a little community grope is all that’s required.
St.Malachy’s count might be a little out. But you have to hide the girls. They can’t be seen doing what the boy’s did. And there may have been a few murders here or there. But there is the Confessional. And the institution must be protected.
Back to poor old Galileo. He had the temerity to determine and quote scientific fact as against Catholic fictions. We can’t have that. Those monks prayed long and hard to arrive at their bullshit.
So The Pope being Infallible, and able to determine who is or is not for Heaven (indulgences, Dispensations, Canonizations, and Excommunications) gets to make the decisions, based on the great advice he would receive. Or just off the top of his head. And a lot of those decisions over history could be either way.
So good old Urban VIII makes a call in 1633, deciding that Copernicus was wrong in 1543, and so was Galileo in 1610 concerning Heliocentricity. So, after a convoluted theatre in 1633, Galileo is excommunicated and gaoled for life. Examples had to be set for the faithful and believing. Otherwise Civilisation and Christianity would perish.
Galileo dies in prison in 1642. Case Closed. Well, not quite. A lot of Catholicism can be buried in Vatican Archives; but Galileo was a problem. And so is the problem of Papal Infallibility. What is the reverse of Excommunication; without it appearing to be what it is.
The answer was to make the lie even bigger. So Excommunication when reversed becomes Rehabilitation. The Vatican u-turn began appearing on 12/3/1984 and was brought to a close on 7/11/1992. JPII bit the bullet; and with the aid of a very nauseous intellectualised Vatican PR machine; it was believed that The Vatican had covered its arse yet again.
Not only did The Vatican believe it was the font of all scientific knowledge; it believed it had a full comprehension or art, as well. El Greco was brought before The Inquisition, and questioned as to why in some of his paintings is the head of Jesus, lower than others.
The Vatican PR machine is in overdrive. Institutionalised Paedophilia is such a bitch. ‘Spotlight’: the move is too restricted.
There were more mass infant murders in Ireland by the holy ones. But an Irish Government Report seemed to stall, for some reason. And The Net seems to have suffered a little ‘cleansing’.
Somewhat as an Australian Government Report, under the dubious control of certain chronically Catholic, seems to have lost its calling. One must never impugn.Catholic child shame
The Vatican would have been better placed, attempting to resolve its own teachings, and how its fictionalised doctrine was evolved. It didn’t need to hide behind The Vulgate if it were delivering true interpretations. And Peter being The First Pope; is hardly a given.
The Church-State Deal is: It save The State money and hides the realities; if The Church handles the ‘Problems’ itself. So Psychologists in their twenties, (they were hawking McDonald’s last year) conduct ‘Courses’.
The outcome is: the poor maligned paedophiles, are able to stand and recite nonsense like “There was no gratification”. and guess what happens after they ‘graduate’ from that load of frogshit.
In passing; Cardinal Cesare Borgia; Duke of Valentinois; (‘The Prince’ by Marchiavelli) is The Face of Jesus, in all the artistic depictions and renditions you are likely to encounter.
He was an illegitimate son of Borgia Pope, Alexander VI. And of course; being a Pope or Cardinal in the 15th. Century was hardly an attainment by any merit.
Not only was the preached ‘Celibacy’ not an issue; but mistresses abounded.
The Christian Brothers training college in Sydney, Australia, became The Australian Catholic University. The remaining Brothers were shipped off to Malaysia. Expect Malaysia to also errupt in due course. A return to Missionary Paedophilia is not going to look good.
The issue is far more complicated than sexual frustration and returning to allowing priests to marry. But of course The Vatican wants it all. Have you seen the architecture and decor. We can’t be paying wages and be responsible for dependants. So ‘religious’ molesting children is a preferred option.
‘The Mission’ is a good movie. A great deal of true history is hidden. And sadly a lot was also hidden concerning the making of that movie.

G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

4 thoughts on “Hide The Girls, by G Squared

  1. G Squared responds:
    I have been misquoted on the issue of Abortion. Let me make it perfectly clear: I am Anti-Abortion; with the following qualifiers.
    The issue is NOT one of a woman having control of her body. That is a puerile non-sequitur, typical of the ignorant and arrogant brigades of the nurtured Unaccountability Syndrome.
    The issue concerns the right to be born by an infant who has no voice. The mother DOES NOT speak for the infant.
    If the mother does not want the infant; then it should be placed for adoption for people willing to nurture and love the child, as it deserves. And as the mother is unwilling or unable to provide.
    If the life of the mother is endangered by carrying the infant; then the infant should be aborted or induced. If the mother dies, the infant may also die.
    If the infant or mother die, then it becomes an issue of saving the other life; if possible.
    If the infant is the outcome of a rape; the infant still has the right to be born. The mother can place the child for adoption.
    The emotive throw away of daily seeing the face of the rapist; should have the mother referred for medication. The child has no fault. The infant should have been assessed for adoption, where the mother is mentally challenged.
    Religions like dictating. But the history is clear, that they do not practice what they profess. Similarly Governments posture according to votes and the self-relevance of alleged ‘Representatives’.
    The issue concerns two lives and the Human Rights of both. One does not hold precedence over the other.

    1. Hi Jeff
      Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday, we were doing some site maintenance. Anyhow….
      At Uncensored, controversial news and articles is our business; it is what our readership generally expects. The article represents the author’s own opinions, whether you agree with them or not.
      As for “your” religion (I was raised a Roman Catholic too BTW), surely it should be open to the same scrutiny, criticism and accountability as any other institution?
      Once we lose the power to speak and express opinion freely, then the bad guys have won.
      Thanks for sharing your own opinion Jeff, and long may you continue to have the power to express it!

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