MH 370: Was It Remotely Skyjacked To Prevent Secret Cargo Reaching China?

The latest theory concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. While it is essentially speculative, the Freescale Semiconductor element of the mystery adds considerable plausibility. Note however that the news sources are MSM “tabloid” news outlets. Use discernment!

Norman Davies says technology designed to stop a repeat of the 9/11 terror attacks by allowing hijacked planes to be remotely controlled on land may have been exploited by cyber-spooks

The plane, which vanished while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014, was equipped with Boeing Honeywell Un-interruptible Autopilot.
In his book Beneath Another Sky: A Global Journey into History he says that the very existence of this technology makes such a nightmarish scenario possible.
Mr Davies told The Sunday Times the plane may have been carrying sensitive material or personnel to Beijing and was subjected to two kidnap attempts.
He said: “Nobody has come up with an answer, so it is perfectly valid to speculate.
“My solution is intelligible. I feel that the plane was remotely kidnapped by a hacker and then a second hacker or remote controller took it over.
“The first kidnap was by the Americans, who wanted to stop the plane getting to Beijing and planned to divert it to Diego Garcia [a US naval base in the Indian Ocean], and then somebody hacked it to stop it from getting there.”

READ MORE:’t-just-disappear-historian-suggests-mystery-was-first-case-of-remote-skyjacking-and-was-diverted-to-prevent-delivery-of-secret-cargo-to-china/ar-BBGEi7H?li=BBqdg4K?ocid=en-nz-top10p2

Missing MH370 was ‘SKYJACKED and may be hidden in ANTARCTICA’
MISSING airliner MH370 could be the first case of remote skyjacking and may be hidden in Antarctica, according to staggering new claims

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