Washington (AFP) – The famed Hollywood sign high in the hills over Los Angeles got a little higher on Sunday, when someone altered two of its letters to make it read “Hollyweed.” Police said unidentified thrill-seekers had climbed up and arranged tarps over the two letter “O’s” to make them […]

WHILE BLAMING TRUMP FOR “ARMS RACE,” OBAMA SIGNS MOMENTOUS “STAR WARS II” SPACE-BASED WEAPONS DEFENSE BILL As politicians and mainstream media blast Trump’s apparently incendiary tweet regarding nuclear arms, none other than President Obama just signed legislation that, by striking a single word from longstanding US nuclear defense policy, could heighten tensions with […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RzlXfYBVW8 It’s been theorized for years and the law has finally just been passed by Congress. Here’s the disturbing thing: the supervision of Americans microchipping has been given to the Department of Justice, not Health Education and Welfare. What’s going on? No committee meeting, no hearing, no one read it. […]

Very accurate & encompassing with excellent advice!   Despite Wall Street’s “Melt Up Spin”, the economy remains in very bad shape. Who are the elites going to blame the inevitable crash on? Is Trump being set up? Despite the Wall Street “melt up”, the economy and the financial system are […]

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