Trade Wars: The Value Of Advanced Information

In the 1840s Reuter had determined the value of advance information. From carrier pigeons to stationed coastal observers, horse riders, signals, and the telegraph. The progress of wars and lost ship cargoes were important and valuable information.

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G Squared
by G Squared

The Rothschilds of London, in particular; added to their fortunes immeasurably from advance knowledge of, for example, Wellington at Waterloo; to what freighter ships did or did not appear at predetermined times to coastal observers. Apart from the usual market plays and manipulations.

In the 1950s the value of the information contained on Bank Letters of Credit (International Trade), became of prime value to US trading and banking multinationals. And you thought that the great US Empire was honestly self-made and the suckered Western First World was a great moral place to be. No Commie Bastards here. Partly true, as all grand deceptions.

Knowing who bought what from whom and at what price is valuable information for competing traders. And LCs were the monopolized payments system. Now expanded to include your favourite piece of plastic.

Apart from The Intel Wars; The NSA is The US’s leading data harvester and interceptor. No one cares if Judy Blue Eyes talks about Sweet Mary Jayne. As CIA Snowden published. It’s all to do with trade. THE TRADE WARS.

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Huawei execs chased about is a concoction. Get over it. Particularly if bench warmers make ‘decisions’ and gaol, fine, and confiscate. You believe it don’t you? Then we have IP, Copyright, and Trademark ‘Ownership’. The US OWNS EVERYTHING. Didn’t you notice? Everyone else is a thief, liar, and a criminal!

Citi (Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Fed, IRS) recently had a problem concerning the shafting of minorities. So to court we go. No problem. The Office of The Comptroller of Currency, decides; Well … And all is forgiven. Tough cheese to the wailing minorities. Pay your mortgage and go elsewhere.

The US formalized the delivery of all trade information to government departments and agencies. They in turn would deliver the data to the favoured recipients; including the hidden, burgeoning CIA front enterprises.

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One current data harvesting game is through the breed of paperless stupidity led by DocuSign. There are legal challenges in the wings. Instead of “it doesn’t work” apart from the real unwitting agenda, we have to make it work. And of course, buying and banking online is rampant and beyond control. Mostly you actually pay more, because you action more human services.

But the brave new world just has to work. These deluded children cannot be taken back to a real world. So frauds, spams, data thefts, and on and on; are just part of life…trala trala. So there are friendly institutions and they have insurance. Even though the call shops in Mumbai, Manilla, and … will never shut. Ponce all you want.

It appears the noisy US minorities are now being treated according to size alone. They don’t exist. Suck that one in. It appears the great champion of the financial downtrodden after 3/08; the generously over-pumped Elizabeth Warren failed. Her Congressional questioning should have been serialized as ‘Stupidity of The Week’. Careful now; Pocahontas wants The White House job on 3/11/2020.

The steam from Congressional Hearings concerning 3/08 could have blown the doors off. Yet NOTHING HAPPENED. Tough for the demonized ‘Great Criminality’, ‘White Collar Criminals’ of the ridiculous sychophant West and the REAL CRIMINAL REGULATORY AND INDUSTRY OF LAW Fools who caused the enduring economic damage.

Leaving out the cute theories. My digestion is already strained, and those overhead pig flocks are gaining in number. Regulation is subjective interpretation of tutored, concocted, moralized, ideological stupidity. The ones least capable of decisions, are pumped to the front line, as lead clowns in a circus.

So: you can’t argue against White Collar Crime, Environmentalism, Animal Welfare, Climate Change, and the greatest devastation of all; Toxic Quota Tokenism.

Government has NEVER got anything right as far as enterprise is concerned. Privatization is government creating a monopoly, then selling the guaranteed monopoly to the economic enemies of the people.

TQTs are a product of typically bad government. Mythologized and Ideologized grand stupidities, mandated onto enterprise. They don’t work. They could never work. The proof is enduring and all around. But enterprise has to factor in the lunacies, while waffling how great they are. Which is fine for big multinationals able to manage, and overstep the illusions; while appearing to suck it in. All passed to the enslaved consumers. The ridiculous baggage  destroys local enterprise in favour of the imported mafias. And no one has a clue.

Before The US sycophant puppets caught on to the game, The Trade Wars had begun. How could these US conglomerates be so clever? They weren’t. Your silly government was easily bought and used against you.

When that game began to be exposed by complaints from sycophant Western governments, the game added a new twist. The introduction of the rogue, unwitting US manipulated Industry of Regulation. It had to be. After all; there was a perceivable [sic] moral gap, concerning The self-bankrupted New York City Treasury absorbed inventions of lateralized and invented blame;  ‘White Collar Crime’, ‘Junk Bonds’, ‘Ponzi Schemes’, and on and on. This was ‘Serious Criminality’ appearing from nowhere. Victims were needed to ‘Send A Message’ and posture morality to the great US trading multinationals.

A winning combination when tied in to The US invention of Environmentalism. You cannot build a paper mill in Tasmania. It will destroy The Derwent. But paper from Weyerhaeuser is not made from sustsainable, green, lala trees, under strict environmental control. But clear felled out of The Amazon.

Then there was the lie of refrigerants, then bovine flatulence, no, refrigerants causing The Ozone Hole and sudden rocketing skin cancers. And by the way; the only refrigerant gas substitute is that supplied by approved US manufacturers. Just ask your government. The game of making something illegal then having the remedy.

It didn’t matter that The Ozone Destruction was caused by insane US nuclear detonations in The Ionosphere, and spraying the world with radioactive residue; Ops. Fishbowl and Starfish.

Then of course there was clean and dirty coal. So; as in the massive BNSF Buffett Fraud concerning The Bakkens and Canadian Oil Sands, power stations were allowed to be correctly built over coal reserves. While junk coal reserves of the time and bankrupted rail companies (yet another great history of economic fraud) were bought for pennies. Then suddenly, the good coal was bad and the bad coal was good. And NO; you cannot build a new power station over the now good coal reserves; you must carry it BY RAIL. And of course the idiotic and manipulated ‘Privatization’ was already signed up with the other massive frauds including infrastructure, and the game was well lost. No problem; these US multinational banks will help your government; just sign here, and they will be pumping, extracting, and fracking, first thing in the morning.

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Wilderness, Heritage, and Wild Life Reserves are a good way of passing ‘ownership’ to The UN or another front. Then you can shrug and say your government has correctly represented the concerns of the people. Albeit invented. And of course those multinational miners are fully aware of the significance of the lands at question, and will act responsibly and maintain the integrity of that to which they have been entrusted. No Ok Tedi or Deepwater Horizon here.

Oh; your delivery of those trillions of dollars of useless; Fit for Use and Planned Obsolescent military garbage, will begin as soon as possible. After all, you need to match all our equipment. Because we need to act as a concerted force. And you never know which of your neighbours is going to go war crazy and threaten you. And even change your US fine tuned ideological perspective of reality. And your people insist you remain in the great Western Alliance. Just look at what those dastardly Chinese and Russians are up to, on The MSM News Cycles.

G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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