Well, this is rather “coincidental” after the Dem’s call for Fracking restrictions in the US. And in both instances tied in with impending elections…? Having been involved in anti-fracking protest here in Christchurch NZ (right after the big ‘quake of 2011) I’m essentially opposed to hydraulic fracturing both for the […]

Eyeing more restrictions on drilling following the 2020 presidential election, some U.S. oil and gas companies may accelerate fracking on public lands over the next year. Concho Resources said that in order to mitigate risk from a potential ban on fracking in 2021, the company is running rigs on its […]

Author Roy Spencer Ph.D. Is a Climatologist and former NASA scientist, so he knows his stuff! MH Summer and early Fall are fire season in California. It has always been this way. Most summers experience virtually no precipitation over much of California, which means that the vegetation that grows during […]

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