Private Transportation: More Reasons Not To Buy an EV.

The evidence is stacking against the so-called “green” EV technology alternative.

We’ve done several articles on the pros and cons of lithium-ion, hydrogen cell and old-school internal combustion power before (links below). No one is claiming internal combustion is clean by any stretch, but the myth that EVs are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative is becoming all too obviously lacking in evidence.

here’s more reasons to think before shelling out for that new Tesla (or second hand Leaf for the majority of us!) MH


via climate science

•The Tesla battery alone weighs 800kg—that’s nearly a ton—equivalent to ten passengers (an average petrol engine + fuel weighs about 140kg).

•Every  servicing  garage  will  be  compelled  to  buy  a  completely  new  suite  oftools, lifts, ramps etc. under electrical safety regulations for EVs.

•  Death from exposure. In winter, travelling, say, over the Yorkshire moors in a blizzard  at  night,  you  are  likely  to  die.  The  car  ‘dies’,  as  battery  power  drops due to the cold. There is now no heating. You freeze inside, you freeze outside trying to find help. Petrol and diesel cars do not have this problem.

•As  most  of  the  numpties,  who  think  electric  cars  are  viable,  live  in  towns  the above  point  doubtless  passes  them  by,  but  the  huge  potential  for  traffic clogging  due  to  ‘dead’  electric  vehicles  has  not  been  considered,  nor  has  the issue  of  time  to  recharge.  Currently  an  average  petrol  car  takes  about  five minutes  to  fill  up  with  petrol,  pay  and  depart.  If  an  electric  car  takes  a minimum  of  75  minutes  to  recharge  (five hours  is  more  likely),  either  the queues  are  going  to  be  astronomical9  and  the  time  wasted  ditto  (see  also  note4.)  or  there  will  need  to  be  nearly five  million  charge  points  installed  at  an estimated roll out cost of £20 billion. The  BBC  took  an  electric  car  from  London  to  Edinburgh.  It  took  three days, slower than a stagecoach. People sometimes need to get to places quickly! In case anyone thinks that there is a miracle battery just over the horizon,

Here is an excellent short video which highlights the contradiction at the heart of the green movement, namely that it is funded by the very people that it opposes – the billionaires who run the major banks and fossil fuel companies.

via climate science

The real agenda behind EV versus gas is political and economical: China thrives on Rare Earth Metal mining and the US is largely oil based. China therefore uses it’s influence in institutions around the world to suggest that battery power is the way forwards and “petrol/gasoline is the enemy”. A bit bizarre when even the most “green” of EVs has lots of plastic trim and bodywork, and relies on oil based lubricants to move down the road. I wish these boys would learn to trade nicely and cut the bullshit so we can get on with developing/funding some genuinely clean energy alternatives.


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