Pope Francis says New World Order needs to happen now with United Nations in charge

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Ethan Huff October 10, 2020

(Natural News) In his latest Fratelli Tutti (Brothers All) encyclical letter, Pope Francis issues a plea for the nations of the world to hand their reins of power over to the United Nations, which Francis says will lead us all into the New World Order.

Since globalism has already succeeded at weakening the power of individual nation states through the trans-nationalization of their respective economic and financial sectors, the time is ripe to cement into place a system of global governance that can never be undone, Francis contends.

“Given this situation, it is essential to devise stronger and more efficiently organized international institutions, with functionaries who are appointed fairly by agreement among national governments, and empowered to impose sanctions,” he writes.

In calling for “some form of world authority regulated by law,” Francis explains that such an authority “ought at least to promote more effective world organizations, equipped with the power to provide for the global common good, the elimination of hunger and poverty and the sure defense of fundamental human rights.”

The best and most suitable candidate, Francis insists, is the United Nations Organization, to which Francis is a known ally. His support for global warming, open borders, equality and peace has earned Francis repeated praise and laud from the U.N., which stated in the past that Francis is “contributing to reaching many of [the U.N.’s] objectives.”

The U.N., according to Francis, is currently not strong enough to run the world at full capacity, however. He says it needs to be fully reformed “so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth,” citing text from his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Francis: Nations need “legal limits” to prevent them from becoming too powerful individually

The only way to give the U.N. the teeth that Francis thinks it needs in order to rule the world is to place “clear legal limits” on all individual nations – meaning a stripping of their sovereignty. This will prevent any one of them from acquiring too much power, which Francis says could result in “cultural impositions or a restriction of the basic freedoms of weaker nations on the basis of ideological differences.”

In order to bring about “universal fraternity,” Francis wants the “rule of law” to be standardized among all nations on the basis of “justice” and “a channel of peace,” which he says is an “essential condition” for the New World Order to work.

“There is need to prevent this Organization from being delegitimized, since its problems and shortcomings are capable of being jointly addressed and resolved,” Francis is quoted as saying about the U.N.

“The seventy-five years since the establishment of the United Nations and the experience of the first twenty years of this millennium have shown that the full application of international norms proves truly effective, and that failure to comply with them is detrimental.”

Ultimately, the plan is to instill a system of “common good” for the entire globe, with the U.N. supposedly ensuring that all “false intentions” and “partisan interests” are restricted from superseding the good of all. Francis believes that multilateral, rather than bilateral, agreements will best serve this end, creating a new system of global governance controlled by one single entity.

Continuing to allow multiple entities to follow their own paths comes with “shortcomings,” Francis warns, including “lack of coordination in complex situations,” as well as “lack of attention to fundamental human rights and … the critical needs of certain groups.” This presumably includes coordinating the mass distribution of Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) vaccines, which Francis believes need to be given “equitably.”

More related news about Pope Francis and his push towards a New World Order can be found at Deception.news.

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