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Evergrande misses bond payments again; River overflows, drowns 12 Chinese villages | China in Focus

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More companies in the Chinese property sector are now caught up in debt. And the poster child for the sector’s woes, Evergrande Group, has missed its third round of bond payments in a matter of weeks. More floods strike northern China. Heavy rain caused one river to overflow, drowning a dozen nearby towns. As for farmers, many are hard at work trying to rescue their harvests and livestock from water damage. Armed with sub-par equipment, some have resorted to manual labor. China limits video game access for children to three hours a week. But some may have already found ways to bypass the rule. In Taiwan, more deaths have been reported in those who got vaccinated than from the pandemic itself.

00:00 Intro

01:07 Evergrande misses bond payments again

03:29 River overflows, drowns 12 Chinese villages

05:11 Chinese farmers cope with flooded crops

06:01 Chinese state media wants gaming loopholes closed

08:16 Taiwan resident: war can happen at anytime

10:42 More die after vax than from virus in Taiwan

11:15 Harvard moves Chinese study program to Taiwan

12:46 IMF backs its leader despite misconduct allegation

16:19 UK backs baltic countries against #ChinaThreat

17:55 India, U.S. navy chiefs meeting in N. Delhi

18:48 Expert: China reaching out to Taliban

21:32 U.S. navy engineer charged w/ selling secrets

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