Biden, The True American Administration and the Ukraine Affair

Biden thinks the White House is in Florida!?

by G Squared

The True American Administration exists by virtue of The Continuation of Government Provisions, in time of a national emergency, as a frauded election in Nov. 2020. The preferred innocuous option to a civil war.

The Mar-a-Lago White House of the continuing 19th President of The United States of America, and the 45th President of the now defunct US Corporation, as against the Culver City, Castlerock Studios of the invalid acting 46th President of The US Corporation.

The essential Southern Border Wall; actually commenced by Soetoro; now being purposely scrapped to Dem criminal cohorts at 1% of the scap value

I am reminded of the selling of all BOE physical gold reserves by Brown and Blair to their criminal cohorts for below true value.

Propaganda has spread to The Ukraine Affair caused by America. Narratives that Ukraine destroyed Russia’s cyberwold last Thursday (13/1/22), have spread. The reverse is the reality.

by G Squared

Note that Microsoft; an American intel agency, if you haven’t guessed; has exposed its propaganda hand in the affair. It appears the world of American Silicon Valley hubris and self-belief are not matching Russian interests. I know where the coin will drop on that wager.

Ukraine Russia

Recall it was Russia which collided the eight surveillance satellites America ran over Russia. It was school children of Kettering Grammar who tracked the first Sputniks when NASA could not. The joke of American Moon Landings is an enduring entertainment for those who matter. The control and flight paths of Russian missiles from The Caspian, striking American assets in Syria; still confounds American military experts. As indeed has The Russian EMP Technology that turned the: USS Donald Cook, USS Porter, and USS Ross, into flotsam requiring tows. And by reading deeper into intel; it was Russia which switched off the American satellite in The Vela Incident. Flipping it back on for America to detect The Double Flash. Totsiens, Shalom, and הֱיה שלום.

Recall The 2014 attempted occupation of Crimea by the deeply deluded Soetoro, on the advice of his profoundly unread experts, and indeed how that gross stupidity ended for America. A pout, a foot stomp, and a sanctions serenade. All when NASA needed The RSA to rescue its stranded American astronauts on its publicity stunt International Space Station, after two disastrous attempts. Further needing Russian technology to operate American oil extraction from its fields. The ISS being subsequently run from a studio. As the current American White House and cohorts. Both pathetically cringe.

A parallel propaganda narrative that Ukraine will be the end of Putin and Russia, is beyond delusion. American pestilence on Russia’s border is hardly Napoleon or Hitler. Albeit The Molester and NegraCõno would believe themselves in that light.

I am reminded of the absurdity of American propaganda stereotyping of Russian intel during America’s attempt at a face saving Cold War against Russia. Itself answering the reality of Potsdam. I was there during The Cold War and American assets were the failure. 

America firing on Australian forces in Vietnam, being a well guarded collateral accident. There have been many. Now with The Australian Military having shattered its credibility and long history by becoming a political tool against The Australian People in The CIACovidHoax Affair: it can never recover. Certainly it’s activities in East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan have destroyed it. As indeed the lost credibility of Australian Policing; after many attempts at the same; has finally been accomplished.

The interesting monitoring of The American Embassy in Moscow and the pièce de résistance of The F-35 being enduring gifts by those who American intel believed inferior. The U2 and SR projects were typically very expensive failures.

Clearing the air: I was employed by Western Agencies and did not venture to the opposing side. At this time I maintain interest through the international community.

America pushed out of being an incessant pestilence around Russia’s borders. But without wanting to interfere with America’s dedicated recidivist penchant for its suicidal wars of attrition. Recall that Russia has fired into Ukraine and destroyed two NATO bunkered caches since 2017. 

Remember: it was not Russia occupying territory as Mexico on America’s border that caused the problems. Specifically from 2014.

Russia quietly remained in Cuba, since America lost The Cuban Missile Crisis; Turkey was the issue. Russia has not made any major strikes against America. The hidden balancing function of The Ukraine Affair, having failed for America as it would. 


Khrushchev’s (12/10/1960) UN shoe banging concerned American missiles in Turkey, and not The Philippines. The matter coming to a head in Oct. 1962 as The Cuban Missile Crisis. Followed by TheCIA murder of JFK on 22/11/1963. 

Albeit the failed colonial delusions of Halford Mackinder’s ‘Heartland Theory’, translated by Kissinger and Zbigniew Brezezinski though the over thinking over influencing CFR, was at the core of the Ukrain civil war America commened in 2014. 

I have written of the genocide of Russian Ukrainians facilitated by NATO rendition to Lithuanian death camps. A matter silenced: as its attempt to propaganda transfer the matter to Russia, failed by NATO and America standing with blood soaked hands while pointing. A further hidden incident being Soetoro’s attemped Caribbean methane clathrate detonation in 2015, to be blamed as a nuclear attack by Russia.

I have written of some three hundred thousand murderded by America and NATO in the Ukraine rendition alone. Excluding the civil war, the insanities of America’s Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk (MH-17, Dombas bordered by Russia, The Sea of Azov Affair) regime change incursion.

All a failed attempt by America to hinge off the genocide by Stalin in that region. The Maidan Nezalezhnosti propaganda exercise by Kerry fronted by Nudelman (Nuland-Kagan) with puerile offerings of blankets and promises of free energy to paid performers, being the invidious and pathetic that it was.

An interesting failed exposé of the belief that America would succeed in its delusion of running the Qatar pipeline through Iraq then Syria to Europe. A shattered delusion when America was vanquished from its genocidal activities in Syria, and NATO failed in its attempted intimidations of Russia in the Arctic, Barents, Norwegian, and North Seas. NordStream II into Germany and serving most of Europe being a major economic and blackmail failure for America. Ukraine would have no heating without Russia allowing its pipe to be breached. 

Ukraine being one more multi-trillion dollar abject failure of suicidal attrition for America. As many others. Afghanistan just one more failure. The twenty years of lunacy attempting to protect American elite poppy fields in Afghanistan having failed within 48 hours of America attempting to blackmail Russia over its three transversing pipelines. Not Islamic Fundamentalist Extremist Terrorists; and as invented by America; but Spetsnaz in Islamic garb. Unmistakeable. 

The almost 100 billion American materiel dumped by the Bidenites outperforming the Soetoro Iraq vanquishing of an admitted 1 billiion. And without entering into the history of The Second Battle of Saigon vanquishing of America. 

But Hey: no one can stand against an equality of outcome driven, diversified, woke, gender preferred, anti left wing defined hate, critical race theory, mandated vaccination force of childish administration. The greatest colonial, super power, since its own illusions.

You have to shout. America can’t hear, clinging to the inside of the pipe, covered in administrative feaces, struggling for air, in its mask of greatness.

G Squared

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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