Big Tech censorship expands into fairy tale realm of “climate change” – anyone who doesn’t believe the lies will be silenced

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the climate or mRNA vaccines: If they have to engage in censorship, then they can’t stand on their own arguments and data. If their case was watertight, then they would defeat naysayers and questioners by engaging with them. Simple really. MH

Ethan Huff – Natural News June 15, 2022


Gina McCarthy, the Biden regime’s national climate adviser, is calling on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to start censoring critics of the climate change cult and their wild global warming doctrines.

Even though Facebook already tried this several years back by pulling in third-party “fact checkers” to review posts and comments about the climate, Senate Democrats were not satisfied because of a “loophole” for opinion pieces. Facebook responded by applying “fact check” overlays to op-ed posts, but this still was not enough.

McCarthy and other “progressive” leftists want posts and comments that contradict climate change dogma to be removed entirely. Anything that calls into question the “green” energy push, she maintains, must be silenced and eliminated from public view.

“Now, it’s not so much denying the problem,” McCarthy stated during a recent Axios interview. “What the industry is now doing is seeding doubt about the costs associated with [green energy] and whether they work or not.”

Making reference to the week-long power outage that occurred in Texas back in early 2021, McCarthy complained that the first thing people blamed for the blackouts were wind turbines.

“That became the mantra,” McCarthy claims, despite the fact that most corporate-controlled media outlets were actually blaming fossil fuels and climate change itself.

“We were among the few to point out that wind energy plunged as temperatures dropped and turbines froze,” reported The Wall Street Journal editorial board.

“Gas-fired plants couldn’t make up for the wind shortfall despite running all-out, and then some went down too. Ms. McCarthy doesn’t want to admit the inconvenient truth that renewable energy sources are making the grid increasingly unreliable.”

McCarthy compares reliable fossil fuel energy providers to “Big Tobacco”

McCarthy went on in her rambling diatribe to whine about the fact that climate fanatics like herself have been unable to successfully vilify the fossil fuel industry to the point that it collapses.

She sure tried, though, by comparing reliable energy providers to “Big Tobacco.” She also accused them of accepting “dark money” used to “fool” the public about “the benefits of clean energy” – clean, in this context, referring to large wind turbine and solar panel plantations.

“We need the tech companies to really jump in,” McCarthy went on to state, suggesting that Big Tech censorship is the only way to eliminate fossil fuels from the equation.

Pointing out that “green” energy is expensive and inefficient cannot be allowed, she added, because doing so is “equally dangerous to denial because we have to move fast” to transition everything over to wind and solar at warp speed.

Even just pointing out the technical limitations of lithium-ion batteries, or the incredible amount of waste and pollution that occurs in order to mine the rare earth minerals needed to manufacture them, represents “disinformation,” according to McCarthy.

When asked if such “disinformation” is a threat to public health, McCarthy eagerly responded with an “absolutely,” while hilariously claiming that “Biden doesn’t focus on, and neither do I on, bashing the fossil fuel companies.”

The Axios interviewer was seen smiling and nodding along the entire time McCarthy was making these and other ridiculous statements, suggesting full support for the regime’s endless propaganda.

“Some conservative scholars argue that Big Tech companies could be sued as ‘state actors’ for violating users’ First Amendment speech rights when they censor content at the behest of government officials,” the WSJ editorial board concluded about this ridiculous spectacle.

“Ms. McCarthy is helping make their case.”

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Plenty more in our archives. I recall the last time Climate Change was being rammed down our throats just prior to the Plandemic. I enthusiastically engaged with a number of alleged “Climate emergency” experts, some of them well credentialed. Their arguments and claims were all easily defeated. No one is too small to make a difference guys! And that is why they’ve now resorted to pushing for outright censorship. They believe it’s the only way they can keep pushing the lie. They are frightened and so they should be. Educate yourself. spread the facts and shed some light on the world in these dark times. Martin

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