While the public is supposed to eat insects, the elite of the G20 eat the most expensive steaks in the world

Part of the new world order as dictated by Messrs Schwab and Gates is eating meat from the 3D printer or from parasite-laden worms and insects. But such culinary delights are only for the common people – the wealthy elite fill their already big bellies: with the most expensive steak in the world, Wagyu steak from Kobe beef. After all, you have to allow yourself something, so the taxpayer has to pay for the philanthropic benefit of world destruction, writes Willi Huber.

Front Nieuws.com – Nov 20, 2022

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The menu at this year’s G20 in Indonesia featured fine Wagyu steak this time. Original Kobe beef from Japan costs between 400 and 600 euros per kilo – probably considerably more given the current inflation. While many members of the so-called elites traveled to Indonesia in private jets, they preach suffering to the people of the world. But this only concerns the seemingly superfluous, useless eaters.

It makes you want to rewatch the legendary old movie “Eat the Rich” on a cloudy weekend. Also the Monty Python sketch with “Monsieur” from the movie “The Meaning of Life“. Recently we came across the wonderful short film “Dinner for few”, in which at least the cats survive. As a precaution, we distance ourselves from possible anti-Semitic stereotypes. We think that world domination fantasies have nothing to do with religion, but only with maximum depravity.

But back to the topic. What is “Wagyu Beef”? It is meat from Japanese Kobe beef, for which strict quality regulations apply. The term “Wagyu” simply means “Japanese beef” in the Japanese language.

Wagyū cattle are usually black, although there are also red animals. They are medium in size (bulls: 800-1000 kg, cows: 450-600 kg) with a well-developed shoulder and strong, clearly angulated hindquarters. Alcohol (such as beer) is not fed on Japanese farms. No artificial growth hormones are used and antibiotics are not used for prevention, but only for diseases that have already occurred.

In combination with the rare occurrence and slow fattening, the meat of Wagyū cattle is not only a delicacy, but also a sought-after luxury product. Five-figure prices are charged for pure-bred Wagyū cattle. A kilo of Wagyū meat can cost more than 1000 euros, depending on the origin and cut. – Source: Wikipedia

At the same time, those same luxury elites, whose private yachts often cause as much pollution as small towns, are demanding that the people of the world abdicate. This is not an isolated case, but standard. COP27 climate hypocrites: preach vegan future, dine on Angus beef. And there’s probably a reason why some proponents of the climate religion and the New World Order are getting fatter and more obnoxious year after year. See also: Bill Gates: rich countries should switch completely to synthetic beef or Klaus “Eat them bugs” initiative “Organic Cricket Flour”: questionable powder made from ground crickets in food.


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SOURCE: While the people are supposed to eat insects, the elites of the G20 eat the most expensive steaks in the world – Front news (frontnieuws.com)

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  1. So the two faced ‘mouth on a stick’ teams up with the idiotic ‘forked tongued frog’ in between munching away on a bloody mess of decomposing animal arse – be it Japanese or otherwise – to discuss ‘concrete’? Ha! What a joke. This lot will be lucky to keep their head when they are booted out of the political arena.

    Dean says: “Progressive Values” are a term for floundering people that lack a ‘concrete’ Value base in the first place

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