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Epidemiologist Michael Baker is doing his best to make sure we become a real hobbit nation


Guy Hatchard PhD

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Professor Michael Baker
Mainstream Media darling Professor Michael Baker

As the published Covid science narrative evolves overseas, Professor Baker is doing his best to prop it up here with his own special brand of magic beans. At this point in time, the research findings of harm from the Pfizer vaccine have become overwhelming, but Baker is sticking closely to the safe and effective fantasy.

Even the most timid amongst us, fearful of visiting the internet, might have noticed that the vaccine doesn’t actually work, but Baker, in a kid gloves interview with Sean Plunket of The Platform, reassured us all that the mRNA biotech vaccine was still protecting us from serious illness and death. Is this misleading us?

The incredibly pro-vaccine Washington Post varies from Baker. It has now finally stopped holding the line. It headlines with “It’s no longer a pandemic of the unvaccinated”. It reports that even the US CDC, with a lack of a centralised health system and with its penchant for figures that exaggerate vaccine effectiveness, are roughly estimating that 58% of Americans who died from Covid in August are vaccinated. So the vaccinated are dying of Covid contrary to the Baker doctrine. Unbelievably, like Baker, the Post thinks this means we need more vaccines???

The UK ONS, who, unlike the CDC, are considered to compile accurate figures which cover countrywide Covid stats, is painting a much bleaker\picture. In 2022 there have been 41,000 excess all-cause deaths since April 1st. No official statement has endorsed any cause, but the figures are telling. Mortality per 100,000 pop. has been lowest among the vaccinated for every month in 2022 that ONS figures are currently available (see chart). The implication is obvious.

Raw figures released by the NZ MoH paint a picture of deaths that is consistent with the US and UK figures, the boosted are disproportionately affected by Covid deaths (see chart), but Baker has chosen to pass over these figures.

The basis for Baker’s omission of this raw data, is a mysterious and unexplained adjustment (???) that MoH have applied to these figures since July. Baker and the MoH claim that the booster shots protect you from serious illness and death, but the actual basis of this assertion appears to be nothing other than the medical establishment believing thoroughly in Covid vaccination—it couldn’t be otherwise.

Baker also claims that the scientific evidence about Covid vaccination from leading journals investigating cohorts of millions of people is overwhelming. I agree it is, but not in the way he suggests. A recently published study in the Lancet of 30 million people has found that the elderly, the immunologically compromised, and those with comorbidities remain at risk of serious illness and death despite being boosted. This study terminates at 28 Feb 2022, thereby it avoids the truly terrifying vulnerability that appears in the all-cause UK death statistics from that date onwards, but the results reported by the Lancet are still very concerning.

The study shows that any small protective effect that Covid vaccination offers wears off rapidly over 9-10 weeks. Other studies in prestigious journals referenced in the paper show it then enters negative territory by four months. In other words, you rapidly end up more vulnerable to Covid infection than before, and incidentally, as the ONS figures strongly suggest, you are then likely to be more vulnerable to death from any cause. The conclusion invariably reached in MSM and among experts—that this shows we need more vaccination—has come to have a distinctly hollow ring about it. Are we now to be vaccinated every two months?

Because the authors of the huge Lancet study are actually responding to a pro-vaccine government committee, they have to nuance their advice and concerns saying for example:

Our findings indicate a range of demographic and clinical factors associated with increased clinical risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes despite booster vaccination and raise questions regarding future approaches to enhance protection.”

At this stage, the authors admit, these questions remain unanswered. They suggest that more surveillance of data should be undertaken and a range of possible alternative treatments explored. They also suggest that modification of vaccines and other approaches are “unlikely to overcome immune suppression in the most vulnerable groups”.

The subtext of their guarded conclusions is obvious to the skilled reader used to pro-vaccine speak—the Covid vaccine landscape has changed and there are real worries surfacing. Not the least of these is the suspicion that the vaccine itself is compromising immunity and causally complicit in the record levels of excess deaths seen in highly vaccinated countries around the world including NZ.

We didn’t have hear any of this from Baker, he left us snug in a soft blanket of reassurance—It is all OK, don’t worry. In the Plunket interview, he was at pains to place great emphasis on the fact that he is an expert, while others like myself are laughable cherry pickers of facts. You decide. If you read my work regularly you will be aware that I reference my writing carefully to published studies.

Baker conceded that everything we know now is going to be proven wrong in the future. Thank you for that. He is hedging his bets. He is not alone. Politifact, one of the internet’s leading fact checkers (???) admits that “embalmers are finding strange clots in jabbed people”, but escapes any meaningful acknowledgement of concern that the vaccine may be causing heart attacks by suggesting that the clots must be due to Covid infection—no credible evidence for this is supplied.

Baker tries to pull the same trick, he suggests that the rash of sudden deaths among all ages is due to undiagnosed (???) Covid infection. In other words, people are catching Covid but they have no symptoms nor a positive test result and they suddenly drop dead because they have weak hearts. Do you believe that? I don’t. It is about as plausible as a suggestion that aliens are running our parliament.

We could laugh Baker off, if it wasn’t for the fact that tragically people are dying and the media including Sean Plunket are still not asking sufficiently probing questions or in most cases any questions. Nor are any debates being arranged. If you trust the media, think again, they are asleep at the wheel or complicit in a coverup. The government plus the loyal opposition meanwhile are sailing on regardless, boosted by a strong following wind. Any concession to the growing tide of concerns would at this stage condemn them to the political wilderness—a pandemic outcome they cannot and will not countenance against all evidence.

Martin comments: Incredible is it not, that in a country that has more epidemiologists per head of population than any other country in the world, the only one the media spotlights is Professor Michael Baker. Does Baker represent the united voices of all NZ’s epidemiologists? I highly doubt it. One might even suspect Baker stands alone as a pandemic profiteer basking in the Mainstream Media spotlight.

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