The Recent Arrest Orders For Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump Ought to Be a Wake-Up Call

By now, everyone has heard the news that the ICC wants Putin to answer for his heinous war crimes. The reason given for his summons? He helped relocate children from the Donbass to Russia and put the orphans up for adoption with church families.

Rolo Slavskiy – Slavland Chronicles March 19, 2023

Internally, it made for good PR.

But, you’d never hear about it in the West, because the media is controlled by the you-know-whos and the various spook agencies, who are themselves also largely taken over by you-know-whoish interests.

Undoubtedly, this marks an escalation. No negotiations are allowed with a country led by an Amalek war criminal. Putin is now officially Gadaffi, Milosevic, and Hitler. Let’s hope, for Russia’s sake at least, that things turns out better for him.

Here’s what Strelkov thinks:

A day has passed since the media informed us that the Hague freaks issued a warrant for the arrest of Putin. Frankly, at the beginning I had a mixed feeling from this news: 1) bad (no matter how I personally feel about the personality of the person who is our president – we have no other (we are being punished for our sins). And as regards the insulting “warrant” – this is a spit not only on him, but also on Russia (which, alas, he is being allowed to lead); 2) at the same time, the timid hope has revived again that … at least fearing the same fate of Gaddafi, this will stir things up a little … This is, of course, unjustified optimistim. At the moment – there is no proof for this hope – in just a day, loyal officials, deputies and journalists of all stripes managed to convince me that “the authorities are stronger than ever in their implacable cretinism” and we can only hope for their “enlightenment” immediately before the end of Putin’s career “a la Gaddafi” – when for us (and for them too) it will be too late. (Well, that is, I haven’t lost all hope, but so far there is nothing to be optimistic about).

Strelkov makes the same argument that I did recently. That Putin’s back is against the wall. That he has been chosen as the next ritual blood sacrifice to Yahweh, and so, as a man with no options left, he remains our best bet.

In that sense, Putin is in a very similar position to Trump. Actually, everything about these two men is extraordinarily similar.

Both became enemies of the main branch of the you-know-who-ish mafia and tried to cozy up to Chabad instead. Both men married their daughters off to the tribe to try to get on the inside track. Both relied on the populist support of the masses and then repaid the trust be staffing their respective administrations with absolute cretins who appear to personally hate them, and their respective supporter base of patriotic peasants. Both men have also demonstrated an unwillingness to address the willful sabotage of their own agenda and their presidency.

Strelkov again:

… they will do everything to be defeated and then “blame everything on Putin.” Although … who else will be to blame in this case? After all, was it not “Uncle Putin” who appointed all the amazingly brilliant military leaders and left them in place, despite all the glaring failures …

Unlike the recent arrest warrant for Trump, the ICC decision is mostly just another propaganda blow against Putin, the Russian people by extension and a further discreditation of the West’s much-vaunted Liberal Democratic political institutions.

I’m sure the Chinese historians of the 22nd century will make note of this development.


Putin demonised as the new Hitler in the Western media.

For a war that is being fought so lackadaisically, the stakes really couldn’t be higher for Russia. A fate worse than what the allies had in store for Germany awaits us. We are going to become known to the whole world for the next century as the new Nazis, and similarly collectively accused of crimes that we didn’t commit, persecuted and prosecuted as an entire ethnic group going forward. They many even try to starve us to death like Morgenthau did with the West Germans, or drop a nuke on prostrate civilian centers after we offer to surrender like they did to Japan. Then, satraps will be put in place to rule over us and flood us with bio-weapons posing as immigrants. Any and all manifestation of national pride will be outlawed and mass arrests of patriots who oppose the gay tranny agenda will follow.

Basically, we face the same agenda that the powers-that-be have in store for the MAGA Americans.

Yes, Trump has recently gone full caps-lock mode and called on American patriots to protest his impending arrest.

I cannot help but chuckle at this most recent development. What did Trump think would happen when he allowed the election to be stolen from him and walked his own supporters into the 1/6 trap? That he’d be allowed to retire peacefully in Florida and then run for the same office in 2024? What does that say about the depth of this man’s thinking if this is the case?

The time to fight was then, not now. This is just the enemy’s mop-up operation.

So go, protest for Trump if you like. The uniparty is looking for fresh Russian-Nazi-Racist-Bot-Bigots to fill up the cells in their political prisons. There’s plenty of space now that they’ve stopped arresting criminals and turned them loose on the population. And if you think that Trump will stick his neck out for you this time when the police throw your naive Back the Blue! supporting butt in the slammer on “disrupting democracy” charges, when Trump spent his last days in office pardoning Israeli spies and anti-White rappers instead of his own diehard supporters, well, maybe you truly are in need of the unique re-education experience that prison is about to afford you.

Putin, unlike Trump, still has a chance if he gets his act together, fires the cretins he has surrounded himself with, appeals to the Russian people and asks for their total mobilization and support.

But, like Strelkov, I’m not holding my breath. I’m reduced to hoping for disgruntled, tough, no-shits-given SOBs taking control of the Russian state, or what is left of it, when it become clear that the Kremlin cannot keep up the pretense of fighting this war seriously any longer. It appears that the MoD’s sabotage effort of Wagner’s Bakhmut offensive is working. And I no longer feel certain of the capture of even this tiny, insignificant, ruin of a town if Zelensky is allowed to continue throwing cannon fodder at it, and Wagner runs low on men and munitions to keep up the offensive.

As for America, I’m hoping that dissidents keep a low profile and learn their lesson about playing by the rules of a political system set up by their enemies.

But even that is too much to hope for, I fear. Instead, I expect them to sink further into religious fundamentalism and self-castigation as they conclude that they are being punished for their sins by God, and thereby come to psychologically accept their chains as a form of penance.

Bleak, I know.

But, as far as I am concerned, if Yahweh did not save Russia from the Bolsheviks a century ago, why the hell would he save the Americans from the Bolsheviks now?


Actually, the real reason that the “good guys” never seem to win in this world is because the god who rules this world is not good. The rules of this material world that we inhabit are quite clear. Power wins the day, every single time and the powers in high places are universally aligned against us. By being “moral”, you do not earn this deity’s favor, and your victory over the “immoral” is anything but guaranteed.

But, as a runner-up prize, by taking the “moral” high ground, you get to point and whine that the other side is acting hypocritically.

That’s literally all that conservatives in America, and representatives of the Kremlin like Lavrov, Peskov, and Zakharova allow themselves to do.

Actually doing something to fight back and combat the enemy’s agenda?

Well, that’s just not our morals. Not our values. It’s just not who we are. And who exactly are we? Why, we’re the good ones! The sacrificial goats in this century’s iteration of the recurring blood sacrifice to the god of Israel! The history books written by the victors will surely tell our side of the story! How good we were! How morally superior our cause was! Our final victory is in heaven! Check and mate and kiyaaa!, globalists! You may have killed us, obliterated our culture and cursed our descendants to slavery, but you did so by behaving immorally!

And isn’t feeling morally superior to your enemies as they destroy you the sweetest kind of victory of them all?

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Russia and the war against the Liberal occupation regime.


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