Ukraine Nuclear Powerplant “Intelligence HQ for NATO” Attack Imminent?

The chatter about an attack upon a nuclear power plant inside Ukraine has ramped-up exponentially of late, and many of us believed the chatter was about the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) but it’s not.   Turns out it is about the South Ukraine Nuclear Power plant because it is being used to store US/NATO high-tech weapons, and is now the Intelligence HQ for NATO in the war.

Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Show June 23, 2023

The US and NATO are creating all this bluster about invoking NATO Treaty Article 5, “Collective Self-Defense” if there is a tactical nuclear explosion in Ukraine OR IF there is an attack upon a nuclear power plant which causes radiation leakage.

Russia made clear from the beginning of its Special Military Operation to de-militarize and de-NAZIFY Ukraine that they already know NATO Conventional military forces are superior to Russian Conventional forces.   But, President Putin pointed out, Russia is also a nuclear power and many of Russia’s weapons are far superior to those held by NATO.  He then made clear that if Article 5 Collective Self Defense is invoked against Russia, the Russian Federation would have no choice but to use its nuclear weapons for self preservation.

As of today, June 23, 2023, Ukraine is LOSING the conflict very badly.  We are now over three full weeks into Ukraine’s much-vaunted “Spring Counter-Offensive” and it has achieved precisely nothing.  In fact, Ukraine is doing so badly that media in Europe (Germany) is now poking fun at them, saying “It’s not a counter-offensive, it’s a crash test.”

Given the utterly dismal failure of Ukraine’s ongoing counter-offensive, the powers in NATO realize that Ukraine’s

_____ O N L Y _____ hope is if NATO troops enter the conflict on the side of Ukraine.

But there’s a problem: Russia has not attacked any NATO country.   So there is no legal basis for NATO to take action.

Now, most rational people would expect NATO to mind its own business, but the leadership of NATO is apparently so psychotic and maniacal, they are looking for an excuse to enter the fight!

Today, June 23 is the final day of NATO’s massive military air exercise called “Air Defender 2023.”  Over 225 war planes, and air crews totaling about ten thousand men, were shipped to Germany to begin this “exercise” on June 12.   Today is the final day of the exercise.   So what to do with all those war planes and air crews?   Oh, and of course, what to do with the three-hundred-thousand NATO troops which have been deployed all along the countries bordering Russia?  Send it all home?


Apparently, if Russia will not give NATO an excuse to enter the war, then NATO seems intent on CREATING an excuse to enter the war.  Hence, this sudden changing of what Article 5 collective self- defense means.   Now, if radiation merely leaks from an attack site inside Ukraine, NATO will call that an “attack upon NATO” and send in the troops.

Which brings us to the basic realities on the ground.

Russia controls the Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) and the full territory around that plant.  The notion that Russia would attack its own plant as some sort of “terror attack” against Ukraine is idiocy.

Moreover, Russia knows the prevailing wind patterns right now, around that plant, would carry radiation directly into Russia itself.  See the wind graphic below:

So it seems clear that anyone hitting the ZNPP is simply out of the question.  It would be stupidity – nothing else.

Turns out, the real nuclear power plant which may be the actual target, is the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant (SUNPP), the location of which is shown on the map below:

Why is this likely the “real” target?  Because Ukraine and NATO are using this plant to store NATO High-tech weaponry such as HIMARS, ATACMS and the like.   Ukraine and NATO are also using this plant as an Intelligence Headquarters, in which all NATO Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and targeting coordinate info is shared with Ukraine.

If Russia hits this place, most of the high-tech weaponry gets wiped out, and so does the Intelligence sharing center.

So NATO is changing its rules about invoking Article 5, so that if (when) Russia hits this weapons depot, and all that NATO hardware goes up in multiple, giant, explosions (possibly also causing the nuke plant itself to start leaking) then NATO can claim a “radiation incident” and send in the troops.  (Story on Article 5 change HERE)

Here’s the crux of a REsolution introduced yesterday by US Senators Lindsay Graham and Richard Blumnenthal:

Of course, if NATO thinks the radiation from a Ukrainian nuclear power plant would be bad, they’re clearly not factoring-in the actual radiation from the Russian nuclear missiles that will likely rain down on NATO countries (including us here in the United States) once NATO invokes Article 5 and Russia is then forced to hit us with all she’s got.

This is a path to suicide for NATO and the west, and they’re not just walking down this path to suicide, they’re running down it.

It is entirely possible that nuclear war breaks out very VERY soon.  If this takes place, there may literally NOT be enough time to warn people in Europe or America that nuclear missiles are on the way.   It is entirely possible that the first notice we will get that we’re under Russian attack, is when the bright, white, flash hits, and we start burning to death as the 600+ mile per hour blast wave obliterates us.

Get right with God.


The following news is being reported on Arabian news sites:


On the same subject from Hal Turner:

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