Ukraine considering measures against ‘pro-Russia’ Israel – whines about ‘lack of support’

A Kiev-based newspaper quoted an unnamed security official as lamenting Israel with regards it’s attitude to Moscow and lack of “real help”

Sat, 12 Aug 2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (L) and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (R)

Ukraine is considering taking steps against Israel in retaliation for its failure to show enough support, the Kyiv Post [formerly known as the Kiev Post] newspaper has reported, citing an anonymous security source.

The English-language diaspora journal claims that among the measures allegedly under consideration is the expulsion of Israel from high-level meetings, about Ukraine, at the US Air Force Base at Ramstein, Germany, due to fears the Middle Eastern state may leak information to Russia.

On Thursday, the Kyiv Post quoted an unnamed staffer from Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council as saying that the “Israeli authorities never provided any real help.”

According to the media outlet, officials in Kiev are unhappy about what they see as the Jewish state’s “unfriendly actions towards Ukraine and pro-Russian position on the international arena.”

In addition, the unnamed Ukrainian security staffer told the Post that there is a “real danger” that information discussed with Israel at the Ramstein meetings “will probably fall into the possession of the aggressor state.”

Known officially as the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, the regular gatherings at the air base in Germany see representatives from 30 NATO members and 24 other countries coordinate military aid donations to Kiev.

In addition to having Israel banned from the Ramstein meetings, Ukraine may nullify the visa-free regime with the Middle Eastern state in the coming weeks, with the foreign ministry currently preparing a submission to the Cabinet of Ministers, the newspaper added.

Ukrainian ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Kornichuk

Also this week, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgeny Kornichuk claimed that approximately 10% of Ukrainian visitors find themselves deported from Israel without any explanation. The diplomat also slammed the country’s latest decision to terminate health-insurance benefits for Ukrainian refugees in Israel.

In June, Ukraine’s Embassy in Tel Aviv posted a statement on its Facebook account, accusing the host country of “complete inaction in providing Ukraine with defensive assistance.” The diplomats insisted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was coming up with “entirely fictional and speculative assumptions” to justify the lack of such deliveries to Kiev.

Ukraine has on multiple occasions requested Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system, with the latter rejecting the plea. Netanyahu’s government cited, among other things, concerns that the technology could end up in the hands of Iranians should it be transferred to Ukraine.

Kiev’s representatives went on to claim that the “current Israeli government has chosen the path of close cooperation with Russia,” citing the agreement to establish a branch office of the Russian consulate in West Jerusalem, and a booming trade between the two.

“In reality, on the ground, the so-called ‘neutrality’ of the Israeli government should be viewed as a clear pro-Russian position,” the embassy’s statement concluded at the time.

Martin comments: Israel finds itself in a somewhat tricky position, as it is bound by certain agreements it has with Russia. According to Netenyahu back in March ’23 (as quoted by RT):

“Israeli pilots and Russian pilots are flying within spitting distance of each other over the skies of Syria,” he said, adding that several years ago he had decided to stop Iran, Israel’s arch enemy, from creating a “third front” against the Jewish state on its northern border.

Now, if we want to delve into “predictives”, the most common scenario invoked for a third world war has Russia, China and Iran pitted against Israel and the Western powers. Should Israel succumb to pressure and break it’s agreement with Russia, we’re practically there. What makes all this fascinating to me, as a long-time student of the Project Blue Beam scenario, is that the original version of the plot as outlined by Norio Hayakawa back in the early 1980s (he called it The Grand Deception) had a skirmish breaking out between Russia and Israel being the flashpoint for WW3, with the whole thing being derailed by the arrival of hostile (and simulated) alien invaders and the Maitreya (the alleged forthcoming “antichrist” world ruler) taking charge of repelling the invaders and bringing all the former combatants together to reclaim the world under the United Nations banner.

As far-fetched as some of this material may be, it is fascinating to watch certain elements of the decades-old “conspiracy theory” actually taking shape.

Want to watch the countdown to WW3?

Countdown to 15 Jun 2025 12:00 Noon in UTC (

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