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Whistleblower may be a sincere person



I made a post yesterday describing a New Zealand whistleblower who shared anonymized data containing dates of COVID vaccinations and dates of death, where applicable.

Igor’s Newsletter

I analyzed the “Leaked NZ Whistleblower Data” and Suggest to Be Wary of It

By now, almost everyone has heard of “New Zealand Whistleblower Data.” Many people are discussing it, and I want to weigh in with my skeptical opinion. While I oppose Covid vaccines, I owe my subscribers a duty to report truthfully. My post should not be interpreted as “pro-vaccine advocacy…

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2 days ago · 663 likes · 745 comments · Igor Chudov

A lot of things happened since then. First, I spoke with Steve Kirsch, who assured me that the data was genuine and the whistleblower was sincere.

A big discussion followed my post, as well.

Celia Farber also reported many additional facts today:

  • This information was offered to other groups before (see VFF’s statement)
  • The alleged whistleblower, identified as Barry Young, has been arrested

The Truth Barrier

New Sh*tshow: NZ Whistleblower Raided and Arrested, Liz Gunn In Flight For Her Safety, NZ Grassroots Group VFF Say This Whistleblower Came To Them Two Years Ago, They Tried To Work With Him

Liz Gunn video here. New Zealand’s VFF (Voices For Freedom) published this statement on Dec. 2, documenting its interaction with NZ data whistleblower Barry Young, beginning “…a couple of years ago.” They say it was handled badly, to put it mildly…

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a day ago · 77 likes · 37 comments · Celia Farber

New Zealand’s government obtained an injunction prohibiting the spread of the data. Steve Kirsch’s hosting account was terminated, and he moved the data to a new account.

In addition to offering a new way to download whistleblower data, Steve also provides additional details worth reading:

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

Data from the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows that the COVID vaccines have killed over 10 million worldwide

Executive summary Today you will get to see the data that nobody wants you to see. FINALLY. No State or country has ever released record-level public health data on any vaccine. Privacy is not the reason for this; the data can be easily obfuscated (which we did on this data) so that no record entry would match that of any person, living or dead…

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3 days ago · 732 likes · 379 comments · Steve Kirsch

At this point, I believe that Barry Young was more likely to be sincere than insincere in his intentions and actions.

My previous questions and comments about Liz Gunn’s statements about nursing home deaths and data quality still apply, with one exception: the partial nature of the data is explained by the fact that some shots were not paid through the system that Barry Young was supposedly administering. (I hope more clarity emerges).

This clarification is vital since I questioned the sincerity of the person who possibly risked his life to disclose data.

I greatly hope that, after thorough analysis, the data will yield useful information!

SOURCE: Update – NZ Whistleblower – by Igor Chudov (igor-chudov.com)

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