NZ Vaccine Data Whistleblower “Drops Truth Bombs” in First Interview Following His Release From Prison.

Barry Young was a data administrator for the Ministry of Health in New Zealand (NZ) and had access to many people’s vaccination data. He turned whistleblower on the 30th of November, due to his concern with what the statistics were showing.

By Saturday his alarming disclosure went viral worldwide and on Sunday his home was surrounded by police, his home was raided and finally he was arrested.

The NZ government was said to have been “left scrambling” to cover this event up by limiting media coverage in New Zealand and even claiming they have injunctions to prevent all internet providers sharing this data release.


From The Expose (link below)


Mr Young appeared in court on Monday the 4th of December, where he received “rapturous” applause from many supporters who packed out the court gallery. He, however, was not released on bail but was held in an NZ prison for a second night and only released on Tuesday.

The New Zealand government is claiming and charging Barry Young with ‘accessing a computer system for “dishonest purposes’, but, he says he has done nothing dishonest. and according to CounterSpinMedia, “This data was carefully analysed, anonymised, and time shifted to prevent personal information from being released into the public domain. The data has already been handed over to a multitude of research organisations and is reportedly the best trove of official government data on the COVID scandal released so far.”

“The people of New Zealand, and the world, are thanking the Whistleblower, Barry Young, (formerly known as Winston Smith), for his courage in releasing this data, to the wider public for full scrutiny.” according to CounterSpinMedia, who add “Of course, New Zealand’s own pixie dust fairy princess, Jacinda Ardern is at the centre of this travesty, and as she cut and ran from New Zealand politics to lead a global attack on free speech and truth in the media, she will be campaigning for even greater “misinformation” restrictions to cover her own slimy steps.”

Liz Gunn lawyer/investigative journalist who helped Barry Young expose that the COVID vaccination data was causing mass deaths, is staying in a safe house in New Zealand. She gives a major update on the Alex Jones Show.

Lawyer/Investigative Journalist Who Exposed COVID Shots Causing Mass Death in New Zealand Gives Major Update

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EXCLUSIVE: New Zealand COVID Lethal Injection Whistleblower Gives First Interview, Drops Huge Truth Bombs!

Barry Young is interviewed by Alex Jones where he also speaks to statistics expert Steve Kirsch.

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Brave Barry Young says he wants to encourage other whistleblowers to come forward and thankfully continues to present his shocking findings to the world.


Martin comments: A courageous man who might sacrifice his freedom to get this data out there. Dear NZMOH: If you have nothing to hide, then release the data yourselves for all to see. All this is doing is giving the impression that there IS something to hide, and now it has gone worldwide and the story is hitting the big time in alt and independent media (even as the NZ MSM goes silent).

“Injunctions to prevent internet providers sharing data release” Well, good luck with that NZMOH. Closing the barn door after the horse has bolted eh?

NOTE: We have been giving this story priority for obvious reasons, but be assured some other important world events will be onsite soon, MH

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