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The recent whistleblower from inside the Ministry of Health has all eyes on New Zealand.

The media team at NZDSOS recorded our initial reaction and published it on X (a.k.a. Twitter), where it is less likely to be censored:

It is also on our Rumble channel for those who don’t have Twitter:

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Of particular note is the government’s reaction.

Steve Kirsch – An open letter to the New Zealand Ministry of Health: an offer you can’t refuse | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (

Chief Executive Officer at the Ministry of Health, Margie Apa, or any other government health officials are not refuting the data the whistleblower exposed. 

They do not deny the data. Instead, they issue an injunction against courageous whistleblower Barry Young in employment court, charging him with dishonest use of the computer.

At first glance this information looks to support what we’ve long suspected. But we continue to take a cautious approach.

However, the government’s response appears to have been strong and heavy-handed, implicating the data appears significant.

We’ve seen this response before, as the doctors at NZDSOS have been silenced for speaking out in opposition to the narrative.

It’s a script they seem to have on repeat, muzzling and labeling anyone who questions the narrative as a conspiracy theorist instead of openly discussing the data.

For the past 3 years, NZDSOS has diligently presented substantial evidence to police and authorities, calling for them to investigate the alarming unexplained rise of all-cause mortality in our country.

Yet despite our persistent efforts, they bent over backwards to under-investigate or completely discard the compelling evidence.

This apparent aversion to acknowledging our concerns stands in mass contrast to the swift action police took to arrest a single whistleblower–a discrepancy that raises significant questions about the inconsistency in addressing our nation’s health.

It’s time for an open discussion and investigation into these deaths.

We suspect there are people in our country sitting on a lot of information. We encourage them to come forward – there is strength in numbers:

Funeral directors
Insurance actuaries
Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and midwives
Critical concerns continue to be ignored by the government, and as the funders of these institutions, citizens have the right to this data.

NZDSOS calls on the Ministry of Health to disclose the actual data of outcomes in the vaccinated. Our hope is this whistleblower event will finally trigger a much-needed and long-awaited response from Medsafe, CARM, and the government.

Our commitment to engaging the new government in meaningful dialogue, seeking answers, and starting the healing process remains unwavering.

In peace, health, and freedom,

-Anna McLoughlin

NZDSOS Communications Team

On Behalf of NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (@NZDSOS)

P.S. If you know someone who will join us in the conversation, please forward this email and have them get in touch. We are at a tipping point and welcome an open and frank discussion so we can start the healing process.

P.P.S. Please share our video on your social media to reach those who may not be aware of this unfolding story. Our nation’s response is poised to impact the entire world. 

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