Report says “mass migration blueprints” reveal NGOs “carefully planned” US migrant invasion

A network of NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, seems to be playing a powerful role in coordinating the large-scale invasion of illegals at the US southern border.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 25 Dec 2023

Migration NGOs

The new website Muckraker revealed a treasure trove of “mass migration blueprints,” handed out by NGOs across South and Central America to illegals with details about their route to the US.

“The collapse of the US southern border is the result of a carefully planned and deliberately executed industrial mass migration program,” Muckraker said.

MAP #1 – Distributed by Doctors Without Borders (Médicos Sin Fronteras in Spanish).

The front shows the routes from Panama to Mexico.

msf map migrants central america

© Médicos Sin Fronteras

The back shows the routes across Mexico to the United States.

map migrant routes mexico ngos

© Médicos Sin Fronteras

MAP #2 – Distributed by The United Nations International Organization of Migration (IOM).

Distributed by The United Nations International Organization of Migration (IOM). It shows various commissions and consulates across the country of Mexico.

ngo migrant maps consulates mexico

© The United Nations International Organization of Migration

MAP #3 – Distributed by the NGO Amigos Del Tren (Friends Of The Train in English).

The front shows the train routes across the country of Mexico.

ngos migrants train routes mexico

© Amigos del Tren

The back lists numerous hostels that can be found along the train routes and also shows the distances between Mexican cities.

ngos migrants hostels hotels illegal immigration

© TuBienAMicosto

MAP #4 – Distributed by the Red Cross.

The front shows the freight train routes across Mexico (similar to the Amigos Del Tren map) and lists 80 different stops from Panama to the United States.

ngos migrants train routes red cross illegal immigration

© Red Cross

The back gives advice on navigating the mass migration trail. One piece of advice given is how to safely ride a freight train. It is advised to avoid riding a freight train if “. . . you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that can make you drowsy.”

ngos migrants train routes red cross illegal immigration

© Red Cross

What’s becoming increasingly evident is that a network of NGOs funded partly by the US taxpayer but by other countries and corporations are covertly facilitating the invasion of illegals at the US southern border, as well as distributing them across the US into progressive metro areas.

According to an August report by progressive left-leaning media watchdog organization Fairness & Accuracy In ReportingPresident Biden’s Department of Homeland Security allocated $363 million to NGOs to assist illegal aliens once in the US.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a press release one year ago detailing how “NGOs may be engaged in unlawfully orchestrating other border crossings through activities on both sides of the border, including in sectors other than El Paso.”

Once across the border, NGOs are also helping migrants with transportation across the US, such as providing seats on commercial airlines.

“A lot of NGOs are helping Biden open the border to unlimited illegal crossing. But none of this could happen without the president’s approval,” Byron York, the chief political correspondent at the Washington Examiner, said.

One X user asked: “Where does defunding the NGOs getting billions of taxpayer dollars to traffic the illegal immigrants here fall on the GOP’s to-do list?”

Martin comments: On a similar theme, Jon Eisen forwarded me this…

Illegals being put on flights with you, with NO names? anonymous pilots and airline staff admit illegals are not going through same security protocols as legal residents, American citizens! 

‘Many of the migrants boarding flights have passes reading, “no name given,” Delta, American, United, Southwest Airlines have carried the illegal migrants without taking adequate security protocols


The pilot added that many of the individuals boarding planes are “fighting-age males,” not “families.”

“I’ve seen a few women and children but largely it’s, it’s you know, males in their in their 20s and 30s,” he said.

Another pilot noted that some migrants arrive at airports in handcuffs, but are uncuffed before boarding the plane.

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