Recent FOIA-obtained data from the Department of Emergency Services in Westchester, NY reveal a shocking number of vaccine emergency calls as well as requests for ambulances to be “on standby.”

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Right before the recent Christmas holiday, I received a call from a friend and colleague named Louis Conte regarding a “contact” of his with knowledge of the inner workings of Emergency Medical Services in Westchester County, New York.

Louis’s contact had been monitoring EMS dispatches in Westchester County and saw, subsequent to the jab rollout in early 2021, what he felt was a frightening number of calls from vaccine clinics or homes where general or specific “vaccine reactions” were cited as the cause of the need for an ambulance.

Last year, the contact decided to submit a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request—similar to a FOIA—to the Westchester County EMS asking for a record of all calls whose transcripts mentioned either the word “vaccine” or “Covid-19 vaccine” in 2021.

Louis asked me to look at the documents. As difficult as it is at this point to further distress me with data on the toxicity and lethality of the mRNA platform, this dataset still managed to do this.

Before I review the data, let’s review what we know about ambulance calls timed with the roll-out of the vaccination campaign, because this issue is NOT new.

For instance, we already know from ICAN and Aaron Siri’s FOIA request of the CDC’s V-Safe data that 7.9% of all 10.1 million vaccine recipients reported requiring medical care to treat a vaccine adverse effect. Of those requiring medical care, almost 11% (8,700 people) visited the emergency room or hospital. How many travelled for this high level of urgent /emergent care by ambulance is unknown, but historically, about 15% of ER patients arrive by ambulance, so this would come out to about 1,300 patients among a population of 10 million vaccinated.

Further, an article published in the journal Nature reported:

  • There was an increase of more than 25% in the number of ambulance calls in response to cardiac arrests (CA) and acute coronary syndromes (ACS or “heart attacks”) for young people in the 16–39 age group during the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Israel (January–May, 2021) compared with the same period of time in prior years (2019 and 2020).
    • They also found a robust and statistically significant association between the weekly CA and ACS call counts and the rates of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group. Note they found no observed statistically significant association between COVID-19 infection rates and the CA and ACS call counts.
    • They report that their findings aligned with previous studies showing that increases in overall CA incidence were not always associated with higher COVID-19 infection rates at a population level, and that the stability of hospitalization rates related to myocardial infarction throughout the initial COVID-19 wave compared to pre-pandemic baselines in Israel.
  • Their findings above also mirrored reports of increased emergency department visits with cardiovascular complaints during the vaccination rollout in Germany as well as increased EMS calls for cardiac incidents in Scotland.


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