Iranian Missiles Hit Israel


Contrary to the MSM reports, Iranian drones would appear to have found their targets…MH

Iran fired several hundred drones, cruise and ballistic missiles towards Israel.

With the help of the U.S., UK and Jordan most of the incoming items were intercepted.

by Moon of Alabama 

 Apr 14, 2024

Explosions light up the sky over Hebron during an Iranian missile attack

The expense of several hundred of air defense missiles, at a cost of more than $1 billion, was significant as these are currently hard to get items. More such attacks would soon deplete those which are left.

Iran’s missiles, for which the drones flew cover, hit their targets. The Nevatim Air Base (vid) and the Ramon airbase (vid), both located in the Negev desert, experienced impacts.

How big the damage was can only be noted after fresh satellite pictures come in.

This is a good chance for both sides to declare victory.

Iran can claim that it successfully penetrated Israel’s air defense and hit appropriate targets in revenge for the Israeli attack on Iran’s embassy in Damascus.

Israel can claim that it has successfully defended its assets.

Israel may want to hit back on Iran. It would be stupid to do so.

Added: From a reliable analyst of the resistance axis…

Cont. reading: Iranian Missiles Hit Israel

Martin comments: One wonders, what happened to the UK’s much-hyped Dragon Laser that was alleged to have drone-destroying capabilities for the price of a loaf of bread? Truth is the Dragon laser was more like a lame duck laser;)

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Martin Harris

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6 thoughts on “Iranian Missiles Hit Israel

  1. The Iranians cunningly announced the attack beforehand (even if by inference), this to test the defences. Then they used various drones, &c, as decoys using their main weapons to reach the intended targets. In a war of attrition i predict that Israel, the US and UK will lose.

    I think that it was a Rockefeller who said (i could be wrong here) which essentially was: Should one want to make money then invest in war and illness.

    1. If this goes to plan there won’t be any winners or losers, just a rearranging and concentration of world control. A New World Order.

  2. Don’t be surprised if we see the Dome of the Rock Mosque get hit and go down. Then up from the rubble will rise the foundation of the Third Temple! I have herd it is already hydraulically rigged to do so! Time will tell.

    1. The Dome of the Rock is on the former Roman fort in Jerusalem, the actual Second Temple was further down—there is plenty of contemporary evidence for this, including evidence from Roman historians.

      1. Rather irrelevant when Judeo-Christian fundamentalist lunatics are drooling at the thought of destroying the Dome. Regardless of the locational accuracy.

    2. I agree. If you are familiar with the extraordinary predictive animation I Pet Goat 2, it shows drones destroying the Dome. A clue of the timing is given with a dancing Kali. Kali Yuga ends 2025. There are whisperings that the equisite pure red heifer has been bred. But then again I’ve heard that before;)

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