When the stories hit mass media, you know we are getting traction! ‘The Injection is not a vaccine’!

Recent developments are shedding light on the truths we’ve been advocating for from the beginning—and they have reached mainstream media.

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In the U.S., the 9th Circuit Court recently ruled in favour of the Health Freedom Defense Fund.
This landmark decision, written by Judge Ryan D. Nelson, recognises the fundamental right to refuse medical treatment and challenges the legitimacy of covid-19 “vaccination” mandates.
The court stated the injection was ‘designed to reduce symptoms in the infected recipient rather than prevent transmission and infection.’
Of course, we all know the long-standing definition of a vaccine as something that prevents infection from occurring and thus prevents spread to others. But the court found the covid injection did neither of these things. Read the entire outcome here (PDF, 33 pages).
This is remarkable because the 9th Circuit is known for its liberal leanings and has been a central figure in many landmark cases. Its decisions often precede national policies and legal interpretations for the wider United States.
Meanwhile in the U.S., Dr. Anthony Fauci is still under investigation, and Kansas has filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, accusing the company of misleading the public about their injections.
Closer to home, Australia’s mainstream media outlet Sky News Power Hour featured an opinion on news.com.au seeking an apology for the injection rollout and mandates.
SkyNews.com.au columnist Caleb Bond succinctly states that “Mounting evidence shows the vaccines were rushed, less effective than you’d expect of a jab, and—in some cases—dangerous.”
All this comes after AstraZeneca’s decision last month to withdraw its covid-19 injection permanently from global markets amid legal controversies and acknowledgement of potential side effects in the UK.
While citing a sales decline as the reason, the sheer number of 14 million AstraZeneca shots given in Australia alone is concerning when considering the impact of potential ongoing adverse effects.
AstraZeneca’s retreat from the covid-19 “vaccination” scene seems like a strategic step to dodge the ensuing blame game as health concerns worldwide escalate.
Last month a study in Seoul, South Korea, published in QJM Journal of Medicine, identified a higher occurrence of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease in injected individuals—notably more prevalent among those who received mRNA covid shots like Pfizer’s and Moderna’s.
These advancements represent a notable shift for mainstream media, big pharma, and government authorities. They are gradually acknowledging the significant misinformation and resulting harm that coerced strict public compliance post-2020.
What we were told was an advanced safe intervention was, in fact, an experimental gene therapy. NZDSOS had voiced this from the start.
To ensure our health and sovereignty, it’s crucial that more people are aware of the deception.
This knowledge empowers us to make collective and personal choices that can have a significant impact. Clearly, as long as we continue to question and to hold authorities accountable, the truth behind their corruption will keep surfacing. This offence cannot be ignored or overlooked.
However, in New Zealand, we still have a long way to go to see any level of exposure of wrongdoing, with our government, bureaucrats, regulators, and health professionals remaining silent.
We must keep the pressure on the New Zealand Government for a proper public inquiry. Despite NZDSOS’ efforts and many others, we are still awaiting a response from our authorities about their covid-19 inquiry. We cannot relent now.
Let’s use our collective power and persistence to stand together and fight for the truth by putting scrutiny on our government. If other countries can do it and are starting to see results, we can too!
Find and Write Your MP about Your Concerns For a Proper Inquiry and to Pause the Covid-19 Injections, Pending a Full Investigation
Change is on the horizon, and our actions today will shape a better future for all.
In solidarity,
Anna Petley, Website Manager, NZDSOS
Anna Petley
NZDSOS Media Team
On Behalf of NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (@NZDSOS)
P.S. If you’re extra keen to take action this week, please check out this petition to stop the Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Act 2023 due to concerns about government overreach and loss of privacy, which will come into force on July 1, 2024—unless we do something. We’ll have more info about that soon so stay tuned!
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